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Previously, the player has negotiated on the season, and the new crown epidemic has been repeated, but NFL has also decided to restart during 7.28. In order to get more regular season preparation hours, most of the players support completely canceling the ranking of the ranking.

Adidas Vegas Golden Knights #80 Tyler Wong Grey Home Authentic Stitched NHL JerseyIf the Briscation wall, unless McCan can vain the team’s bad offensive group in the game, the saints will start with three losers. In summary, this is a nightmare for the Saints who look forward to the rebound in Guonnan District.

Although it seems to be a paragraph, according to the reporter, the patriot “did not pursue” according to the reporter. The salary space is a reason, and Cam Newton, which has been re-signed with the team, is expected to be started.

No one questioned the ability to reap weight when Gronoski needs. He needs to do this to ensure that you can return to the best near-end tip of the past. Opening a long-term opening capacity when healthy, Gronoski, the best level of the League needs to maintain weight to be able to fight against the opponent’s defensive front line player and line guards.

Boston local media Sunday reported that all players participated in the patriot this season in the last training of Jijie Stadium. The head coach Bill Bill Belichick and his team are expected to train in Arizona on Monday and training in the Purque training base.

Quartz Weiberies self-confidence
The New Orleans Saints have been silent for the status of Drew Brees, but this star four-dimensional guards believe that they will not ablate the National Liannan District of the Black Panther’s Black Panther.

Before the free market opened, there was reported that the Patriots marked 49 people in Gallopo, but the response received was not traded. So the patriot is reinterped with Newton and spends a lot of money.

There is also a large string name in the injury list on Saturday, including corner Veranden – Brandon Browner, Line Wide Tower – Heili (Shoulder) (Dont & # 39; a hightower) , Defensive cut Chris Jones, external handle Blannd (Shoulder injury, foot toe), defensive, hill, Silver, Siliga (Sealver Siliga) (Foot injury) and the center Bryan Stoke (Bryan Stork) is listed as a possible unknown. The star quartz, Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) is listed as a possibility.

Bris Confirmed that he would decide whether to play against the Black Leopard. This decision may have to do it on the morning of the game. If Bris is unable to play, the Luke McCown will be the first time for the first time since the two seasons.

“I really want to go to the field, but I have to check it every day. I have to treat my own injury, so this is what I am doing,” Bris Wean said to reporters, he followed himself “very confident” to play competition.

The patriot has not pursued 49 people quasi-Galopo
After 49 people traded up, after obtaining a blossom sign, the four-point guard has been nearly destined. This also allows Jimmy Garoppolo to increase the possibility of leaving the team.

[前 前】] Section 13 Thursday Night Cowgirl @ 红 皮
On the 13th week of the regular season, Dallas denim came Cheap Jerseys From China challenge the rival of the opponent’s opponent Washington. Two team wins are less than 50%, but they are also in theory to maintain the hope of the playoffs.

The red skin wants to win the ball, and the cowboy must be effectively limited to the pass. However, maintaining a good state is easier than the state of changing downturn, so I think the red skin’s wins are even greater.

“Yes, yes, you know,” Gronoski said. “My minimum weight I arrived is 240 pounds. This feeling is very good. I basically have a life weight of 260 pounds (118 kg), since high school is the same. Since high, my weight reached 260 pounds I have never been less than 260 pounds after that, so I can reduce my weight, which will alleviate my joint burden, let my body easier. How much I think that body weight is hard plugged out. Therefore, it is very good to reduce weight. “

“Now it is back to add your weight back, let my body increase muscles, prepare for the NFL season with the NFL season before I used. This is a different way. I use different training methods. I am now approximately 257 pounds (116 kg). Everyone thinks me almost 240,230 kilograms, but I am only 4 cups of protein milkshake when I returned to play. I am very excited about this. When I am at the time, I will definitely be at it. The body we should. I will be around 260 pounds to 265 pounds when I am going to play. “

If the red skin is won, it must rely on the main force of Kirk-Chesins. This season, Coss’s performance has a significant change. Since the 7th week, Cosst’s pass is divided into 117.5, ranking 1st of the Alliance 4 defense; although the team’s performance is not satisfactory, Coss is a high game state. In the face of cowboy, it is poorly defensive second-line, there is reason to believe that Cousins ​​will have a high success rate; but can win, it depends on whether these passes can be converted to reach.