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The culprit is the hurt of the groin, which will also make him absent the third week of the game. According to NFL NetWork reporters, Jackson’s return time is currently undecided, and the fourth week of competitions have doubtful.

Players need to accept media interviews is a channel designed to make media to communicate with fans, but when the player is punished, his fans will usually be partied by players. In particular, this season’s alliance has spent a lot of effort go to Link.tetisweb.ru get rid of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, it is more likely to be partial.

The US time Friday, the 50th Super Bowl of the 50th Super Bowl, one of the top players in the NFL Alliance, Feng Miller completed the renewal of Denver’s wild horse, and his guarantee was $ 70 million. This is almost top-level income in the alliance, which may be the highest defensive player in the league history.

But when we review this summer NBA contract we found that 15 players have more than Miller, 3 with Miller’s income, and this still does not include Kevin Durant and Ribron James (Lebron) James) This short-term contract high-income star player.

“We look for every possible way to help improve our team,” coach Bill Sean – McDermott (Sean McDermott) representation. “This is the same reason. Jim is a Hall of Famer. For me, a young quarterback in the team and have not asked him, in the case of Jim how this relationship is very foolish to think all the help he provided were It is meaningful and good. “

And now it seems, Bill Kelly tactical plan to the year of integration into the current offensive system. “They download our four into the Super Bowl season all season to observe our performance,” Kelly said. “Josh likes some of the tactics we use. So of course we will use part of it.”

The 50,000 US dollars in this were a fine of Linqi Xie ‘s interviews, but the penalty was not allowed to be punished. At that time, the Alliance suspended penalty was used to warn Lin Qi to make it in line with an interview. If you don’t change the 50,000 penalty, you will add 50,000.

The alliance warns Linqi, if you decline the interview will be punished

The New York Jet Ricks Ryan was fined $ 100,000 due to explosion, and the Seattle Haying team ran to Masshawn Lynch, which would also face it without swearing or other words. The case of a heavy penalty.

Below we are listed in 18 players (income exceeding Miller total contract income):

Memphis Grizzly Mike, Mike Conley, $ 53 million in 5 years; Demar Derozan, Demar Derozan, $ 45 million, 45 million US dollars; Detroit Audie – Dramon Andre Drummond 5 years of $ 30 million; Washington Wizards Brader 5 years $ 28 million; Charlotte Yellow Nicholas – Batolas Batum 4 years 100 million $ 20 million.

Kelly told the media on Monday that he has been the offensive coordinator during the offseason and will be responsible for the attack command in the new season of Brian – Da Boer (Brian Daboll) and quarterbacks coach Ken – Dorsey (Ken Dorsey) seen noodle.

Bill seeks to help pupils improve the team quarterback Kelly

Beijing June 6 hearing NFL team coaching staff look for outsiders to help the team improve not uncommon. This approach may have been included in the team spent the coaches and players, they can provide valuable information.

The discussion covered the team between them will usher sophomore season, starting quarterback Josh – Allen (Josh Allen) and Kelly year is how to lead the team offensive team to help Bill 4 consecutive years into the Super Bowl.

Since Bill checked Allen, Kelly has been expressing support for him. The Bill also in the offseason to build the team around him. Alan ability to obtain progress in the new season is still unknown, but at least he got valuable experience from Kelly here.

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