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“The good news is that we have enough good players around them,” Elway representation. “We can rush the ball, we will not send them play and say, & lsquo; you have to win the game & rsquo;. Do your job, make the right decisions and ensure that the team has a chance to win this really is for us now. all the requirements of the quarterback position. “

“People don’t know if I have injured it in the playoffs,” Bell said. “I was really injured in the game of Mai Mei’s Ammy Dolphin. I took injured in the game of the Afaros City chief. I felt discomfort in the beginning of the patriots game.”

No need to receive surgery is a good news for Bell, which is about to be free players. Steelman is preparing to use the privilege label to Bell before the deadline on March 1, and both parties will continue to work hard to finalize a long.

Bush hopes to be able to abandon kicking backSan Francisco 49 people run Wei Rigbush (Reggie Bush) hopes to work on the new season to discard kickback. Although Bush has not dyed this job in Bush, he is still in an interview on Thursday at local time, I hope that the team may increase his work in the special group.

Manzell is not expected to play with his own way. He first led the team to steadily advance to Buffalo Red District, and then he found a defensive vulnerability in the midway, and the single stick rapidly entered the end area. While harvesting personal careers, it also helps the team to narrow down to 10 points.

Bush said: “This is my personal idea. I told the coach, I want to be a discarding player again. I am very excited to this, I will try to help the team in the special team.” 2008 Season, Bush participated in 20 abandoned attacks and got 3 times. His career’s abandoning test is 7.9 yards, which proves that he has the ability to become a reliable attack hand.

Bell made a wall to the finish of the groin injury in the steel man in most of the new England patriots. His early this month said to the NFL official website, he was troubled by groin injury before this game.

49 people have not given a clear statement of back attackers, and the team will continue to observe in this subsequent training camp to find the most suitable person. On the other hand, as an old will, Bush also hopes to be active in the offensive group. 49 people broke up with Frank Gore during the ranking, and who will become new and first running guards.

Brian Hoyer played poor in today’s game with Buffalo, 30 passed 18 times completed the promotion of 192 yards but was copied twice, only 3 points of performance made the main coach Mike Pettine could not bear, and finally replaced the rookie Manzel who was eager to try.

The 25-year-old Buffet was only played in 5 games last season. Subsequently he accepted minimally invasive surgery, which often recovered very difficult. After 10 months of recovery, Buffet looks ready to return to the stadium. We think that the tiger will make him slowly enter the rotation lineup.

Bakelet passed the inspection of returning to training this week, and NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that he was “very likely” to participate in the competition of the strait Pittsburgh.

Coach – Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) did not even appoint end against the San Francisco 49ers preseason who served as the starting quarterback. In Mark – the case of Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) starting the first game, Trevor – Xi Mian (Trevor Siemian) in the next game starts is also a convincing choice. Kubiak competition simply click the following web site expressed “very intense.”

Emirates and head coach Reed, General Manager Diqi renewLess than a year after the first super bowl with teams, the head coach Andy Reid and the general manager Brett Veach won the team’s new approximately.

Broncos general manager Herve not worried about status of the team quarterbackDenver Broncos quarterback competition continues to be the most interesting of the league during the preseason competition.

By the Dema Reese – Thomas (Demaryius Thomas), Emmanuel – Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders) and eventually grew up Cody – wide receiver lineup Latimer (Cody Latimer) composed let any quarterback there are good passer target in the face of the top cornerback. By the C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) are led by outstanding rushing offense should once again become the focus of Kubiak attack group, which is the quarterback some of the pressure.

Steel man runs Wei Levi – Bell does not need to receive groin surgeryIn this week, the 51st super bowl was held, Pittsburgh Steelman ran tolelective – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) said he hoped to avoid hevo surgery. It seems that he has reached this goal.

In the first preseason game, the Broncos’ top defensive group looks exactly the same as last season, in the absence of the head two horns and two number one health impact of hand passing situations, they zero seal the Chicago Bears.

Clark hunt said: “(Ride) is a master coach at the celebrity level, but more importantly, he has excellent personality, changing our team culture. Congratulations Family got the new contract that they should, we hope he can teach in Kansas City to end. “

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