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The first quarter, the crow four-speed attack can not be forced to be kick; the Jagua is obviously incurred, and the ball is coming, and the red zone is promoted. However, several fouls are penalized, the position is more and more back, final shooting Take 3 points. 0 to 3 is also the first time behind the collar.

Black Leopard, Ren Carrill, said it will return this week.Since the seventh week, the black panther has failed to have seen the figure of Ryan Kalil. Carrier only played two games this year, but he is very confident that you can return this week.

McCarthy said that Kase is equivalent to the number of four-defense of this selection, it is fully equivalent to Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Jose-Allen (Josh Allen) and Josh Rosen compared to Josh Rosen.

Quartz, Slosrisberg will return to the venuePittsburgh Steelman is preparing to make the main four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger, the first game of Cincinnati. If the injury does not have repeated, he will abort the first after the left knee is absence and the bone is contusuous.

The steel man replaced 2 wins and 2-winning records in Mike Vick and Landry Jones, but in this time, their quarters On the 24th, large score in the three games in the first three games is in the 6th. Big Bat Sunday said that he “very close” is completely attending last week’s training, he thinks his restoration enters the stage of checking the inspection every day.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the American Tiger’s rookie ran tolerance to Wiler – Walkte easily, this is also awarded awards for his excellent performance. Then the crow changed to Joe – Vlaco. The crow that replaces the war rely on external hand Watson’s ball to complete the reach, the last suspense declared.

This sounds a bit wrong: Kase is the two rounds of 52 show last year, the performance of the new show is not very good, leading the brown lead to get 0 wins and 15 losses. If Kase is really so powerful, why did Brown send him to Green Bay? Say Kase will become the first round show and is not very convincing.

The fall of the cututs Collins met with jet and dolphins.Attacks that were involved in murderous cases before the draft, La & Rsquo; El Collins began meeting with some teams this week. On Mondays, Collins and Buffalo Burgo Rex Ryan have dinner, and both sides have a short exchange, but not substantial progression.

Tuesday, Collins met with some Miami dolphins players. According to reports, dolphins hopes that these Collins’s university alumni can help the team to recruit this potential disappearance to a certain extent. This meeting is an unofficial, and there is no dolphin staff.

According to reports, Collins also plans to visit Dallas Cowboy. The team that is interested in him is far more than three. In terms of the case, Collins’ law said: “Everything is smooth, we answered all the questions. Ruel and I will not do any evaluation for the case. The investigation will continue, Ruel will work hard to open their own profession. Career. “If Collins can agree with a team, he will get a three-year contract with a new show.

Last year, Aaron Rodgers entered the injury reserve list, McCarti also praised the ability to replace the four-point Wendley, and Hendri did not feed back McCarti’s expectations. Maybe McCati just likes to praise.

The crow is rushing to the road, but it is very good to attack the ball; the American tiger returns to the five-code line, Mersalers – Lewis picks the ball cheap Jerseys from china the crow hooded from the crow hooded in the end area and completes the championship. The playful American tiger even played a fraud, and the fake kicks in the third day were kicked directly to go to the opposite partner. The crow is a bit angry, and the two sides have once conflicted.

They look forward to the new approximately new paper for big pineapples. Although most people in the work think that 49 people will continue to renew after the transaction to Garobolo, but Lynch and Salunan are still inbound. In theory, it should not be so conservative with their sufficient salary space, and only two people still have a doubt in Garobolo.

Tayler Larsen’s top prior to Tayler Larsen, but the training was absent from the foot injury in the past two days. Greg Olsen is expected to return, line Weishak Tompson will remain absent due to footprints.

In the third quarter, the offensive group of the crow expressed its best. Last year’s first round of Wijun – Ramse is used to copy the crow to the crow. This time, the pot must be in the quartz 卫 Qiao Fraco. Botels who killed the rise began to work. The top passed the top of the road directly sent Mersalers – Lewis second to Dal.

However, Fraco came back to the first pass, McChen’s ball was unstable and reversed by the coupon of the America; this room, the American tiger was taken by 3 minutes and 11 seconds. The second reachable, expand the score advantage to 20 to 0. With the third shoot of the Jagua, the half ratio is fixed in 23-0.

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