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But Murray still needs to improve yourself. He can’t say stability last year, and there is a lot of regrets. Murole is clear about these: “It is really disappointed that we are very angry and frustrated when we think that we think you should win. But I like to motivate yourself, these will become my motivation.”

33-year-old Brooks is 49 people defensive group in nearly 10 years. At present, only the time in the team array, Joe Staley is more than 49 people. The third-grade line Wende-Harrod is likely to fill the start of Brooks.

Bill coach Lex Ren (Rex Ryan wanted to give up this player who won 22 times in his three seasons before his team coach, as a coach who rely on the old leaders, he will Obviously I hope that Williams can continue to be closely linked to the team during recovery.

Fourth Week, Night, Friends: Lion @ 海鹰The fourth week of Monday night game, 0 wins and 3 negative Detroit lions, Seattle Centurylink Field, challenged 1 win 2 losses, the two teams were unhappy, and the lions were in the third week of Sunday. Loaded from the wild horses, continued to link, and the Seattle Hawks last week home 26: 0 zero Chicago bear, win the first season.

Defensive front line player Kyle Willia Williams revealed to reporters on Friday that he may be placed in the injury reserve due to the need to receive surgery for half a month. The 32-year-old Williams did not rule out the possibility of returning to the race.

Two degrees selected for the best lineup for two Brooks last season for 49 people first 15 games, got 53 hugs 6 times. He won 53.5 times in the entire career 290 times. His killing data ranked third in the history of 49.

This layoff decision will give 49 people to make more salary space. Brooks had previously signed a contract with 49 people a 6-year $ 40.4 million. He is about to enter the fifth year, which will account for $ 6.1 million salary.

Sea Eagle offensive VS lion defenseThe Hawie is lost in the game, MARSHAWN LYNCH, due to calf injuries, the Hawks official announced that Lynch will not participate in Monday Nights this week, as for the next week, it is necessary to wait for the latest Hawks. The news released, and last week, Linchi vacation is an unique singer, Thomas Rawls, the result of the 16th game of the game is still good, the old Fried Jackson (Fred Jackson is still played on the main role on the ball and the three-speed ball, and Jimmy Graham, introduced during the break, only on the Sunday night competition in the next week, the Green Bay packaging work. 1 time I gave 11 yards, last week’s new high seven new high 7 times, 83 yards at a time, the offensive end although the old problem of the offensive frontline has not improved, but it is good to be Siki Wilson (Russell Wilson) ) State recovery. The anti-view of the lion defensive, each game allows the opponent to take 27.7 points and 395.7 yards, the first week of Philip Rivers, Philip Rivers, 1933, the third week of the wild horse Pedon – Manning ( PEYTON MANNING is 324 yards, and the second week will have a 199 code from Adrian Peterson, an average of 4.7 yards per shock. The two players in the first three weeks were strong, and the two players were strong to Weiji Di (18), the corner Masis (14), this is definitely not a good sign, not only offense, the defensive problem is also difficult to imagine .

It must be considered to take into account the luxurious offensive lineup of the lion and the beautiful defense of the Hawks to the Monday night game. It is also the second week of night competitions. It is also the expectation for the heroic height. However, three weeks have passed, and the situation of the lions can be said to let everyone fall in the glasses, with “Wei Zhentian” Calvin Johnson, Gorden Tate, and the annual rookie competitors Ameer Abdullah also has a very reliable number of four-point guards of Matthew Stafford, thanks to the brush of the garbage time, let the lion’s offensive group rankings 27, averaging Washing the ball 45 yard ranked 32, only 7 shots won the first (least the least), handed over the highest 8th ball translation of the country, since 1990, only three teams entered after the start of the 0-3 season The playoffs, and there is no one into the super bowl, considering the current state, it is very likely that the start of the 0-14, while only the 1992 season of the San Diego lightning team entered the playoffs.

Kaim used the old four-dimensional quadrant before: “Carson Palmer made us very happy, and did not do something wrong. But after another, the time makes durability become Worry. We will worry if it can stay healthy, but he continues to perform high levels of performance is an excellent leader. “

General Manager General: Focusing on the Kelle Murray team is a good opportunityAlthough Kyle Murray’s cheap nfl jerseys From china career did not even have the first time to talk about the contract, the General Manager Steve Kem (Steve Keim) believed that he had obtained an excellent four Defense.

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