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[1] Jimmy Graham – New Orleans Saints

The single season successfully brought 86 pushes 1215 yards, got 16 times, yes, you didn’t look wrong! This is really not a star outside! This is the horror data that Saint All-Star Close-to-Term GM-Glaham is handed over in the 2013 season! In the previous four years of career, Glaham got 3,863 yards for the team, sent 41 reaches, and the current unintended the first close-end. Not long ago, Glaham and the Saint team signed a new 4-year value of $ 40 million in “super contract”, and he also became the highest-end peeled near today.

Now it is time to let Romo to perform surgery, according to Dallas Morning News, Romo will carry out left clavicle repair surgery, this time the surgery will install a fixed auxiliary device on his marga to help the bracket heale.

Ace running Weve Murray 40 million Join Philadelphia Eagle

Philadelphia Eagle was announced on Thursday that the Demarco Murray and the Eagle have reached an agreement will sign a contract for a 5-year value of $ 42 million, with a guarantee of $ 21 million.

At the end of the offensive end, the stability of the four-dimensional San Meson-Permore is the stable guarantee of the row attack, 4671 yards, 35 times, 11th copy, PFF Summary on the regular season, Pelmore got 97.7 score, the alliance four-point guard, the second largest, the third Tom-Breddy, then Lacender-Wilson, Dru-cloth Lis, Kam – Newton. This season Permore fed 16 regular seas, did not receive the impact of injuries, and the hot Pelmore brought the outbreak of the squid outside, and the old star came out of the mouth. Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) 109 times, won 1215 yards, 9 times, John Brown, 65 times, and also become a thousand cases, 1003 yards, 7 times, Michael – Freud Floyd 52 times 849 yards, 6 times to reach. 12 weeks before the running ball, the starting running guard is the old Chris Johnson, and it is also the second spring, and the 12-game competition won the 814 yards, 3 times to reach, but in 12 weeks to fight 49 people. The injury leads to the reimbursement of the season, then the starting running guard David – Johnson performance is equally bright, rushing down the 581 yards 8 times, and there are still 4 batches. In general, in the offensive end, the strength of running is also the result of the rhen, and the results of a few seasons.

The Winz monted season has been troubled by the back injury, and now it seems to be an old injury. The head coach Doug Pederson said that the back soreness did not appear when the Wenz Weidian downtime did not appear.

The eagle currently recorded 6-7, theoretically there is a hope of entering the playoffs, but losing Wenz will definitely be a major loss. If the Wenz is really lack, the four-point 卫 卫 卫 (Nick foles) will have a burden. The Falls appeared in the first two games in the season, the pass rate of the pass rate was 65%, reached once, and was copied once, and the team recorded 1-1.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Wenz is expected to participate in this week’s match for rated rams. La Portport also added that the current eagle is still collecting more injuries, Wenz’s season may come here.

Arizona is Raeze, the first round of the first round of the second and playoffs with 13 wins and 3-negative record. The red scintped this season performance always presents a high-level team, a team with a won the hope, the offensive end is highly effective, and the defensive end is stable.

[Special Planning] Counting Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Five Columbs

Today, Viking’s close-edge Kel-Rudolph renewed a five-year worth $ 36.5 million in a large contract. Not long ago, the All-Star Close-edge HMG-Glaham was a “super contract” worth $ 40 million in four years worth $ 40 million in the Saints of the old East, and became the highest-ended near the entire assembly. . High contracts, more and more number of balls and propulsion, we are not difficult to find, whether in the tactical level or the fans, the proximal pendants have received more and more attention in recent years. Now, let’s take stock of the best 5 neighborhoods in the NFL alliance.

On the defensive end, the strength is still. Defensive second-line Rashison, PATRICK PTRICK PTRICK PTRICK Peterson is unfortunately, but the Tyrann Mathieu has a copy in the 15th week of the Feicheng Eagle. The action that turned back after turning back, led to the ACL tear, missed the playoffs. It lacks Matthew, but the loss is not small for the preparation of the Ramp defensive group, but the line guards and defensive front lines will be put into pressure, which will also make four bars suffocate. For example, in the 16th week of the 15th week, the Green Bay packaging work, although Matou’s second-line clock is not there, but Calais Campbell led the defensive front line, strong punch, de Tude, Ferrey ( DWight Freeeey) Let Rogers have no opportunities in the pocket, plus the line guard delay tactics, Rogers were killed 8 times, killing the lost code 70 yards, 3 times dropped, there was a killing in packaging In Fanghong District, it was sent to the red ramp. The horrible PRC group was in the second-line limit of the opponent’s ball code number. The eighth, the eighth, the same is the same in the rumors and anti-running.

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