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Shelman did not give the weak, and Wednesday, the external hand of the Social Media, “Suireman”, “Shelman, is ordinary player, is not the very powerful corner.”, Sherman Write: “You know, when a person hopes that his name is written, he must say something crazy. This is very boring, I think he just wants her own kindergarten children to know something: I used to I received a few balls in front of Shelman, but I took a few balls. “Sherman continued the focus of argument, when Rifus completed 4 times in the area of ​​Shelman defensive, A total of 56 yards.

Incidents revealed that Jones’s performance is not enough to debut, but in the past, he has taken an important step. After training, the team officially announced that Jones is “doubtful”. At present, Jones has traveled to the Green Bay, even if he can’t play, his return to the team’s defensive group is also an incentive.

49 people will meet with Justntine – Smith

Former San Francisco 49-person defensive end, Justin Smith, has recently announced its retirement, but the team obviously does not want to lose this experienced old. Trent Baalke revealed to the media in Interview with local time on Tuesday, and the team will meet with this 35-year-old veteran this week.

After the game with Green Bay packaging, the patriot will go to San Dieo challenge lightning. The team will also choose to train next week in San Diego. Jones is expected to participate in all the training of next week and look forward to it. Before injury, he completed 21 individuals and 4.5 times.

Pro Bowl a new round of tallies released

Today announced the official cheap nfl jerseys from china in Pro Bowl voting this season, this time the statistics as of the date on Sunday. The Pro Bowl this season and the Super Bowl last year in the same year, the venue, the game time is Beijing time at 7:00 on January 26, 2015, this year canceled the League of Nations and the American League against the partition. Let us look at the total number of votes so far before ten.

Patriot defensive end of the back training, this week will come to the team

New England Patriots defensive Director Deliver Jones’ hips injury is currently developing in a positive direction. On October 16, he chose to watch the battle for the first time after his injury. Based on the judgment of the media, he is expected to recover training in half a month. In fact, as media expectations, Jones participated in some basic training this week. This is also the first time after his injury is going to the training ground.

Shelman returned again: they just want to use me

Since the San Dien Flash Square, Philip Rivers, the flash is successful in the face of Richard Sherman, and the flash media published the title name in the social media. “Sherman has been fully read!”.

Hayden is 29 years old, is a tail number of career golden period. He used to be the top ten guards in the Alliance, but the injury hindered its development. In the 2017 season, he played 11 games, completed 1 copy and 7 times destroyed passed. In the last year of Brown, he played 13 games and completed 11 times to destroy the ball, 3 copies.

Steel people 卫 卫 – Hayden will go all out to train

Last season, Joe Haden’s arrival is one of the biggest accidents of steel people. He used to be a hornwood in the same partner Brown, but due to injuries and salary issues, Brown chose to cut him.

Since 2002, Cheap Jerseys Smith has not been able to play first. The 5th occupational bowl defensive end last season has a significant contribution to the team in the case of injury. Relevant persons revealed that 49 people did not ask Smith to come immediately. If the latter is willing, he can start in the season, even the middle season, then returning to the team.

Shelman said: “I am a good thing. But this is really ridiculous, the little guy of the two flashing team said that I have been read through them. One person picks 50 yards, one person picks 69 yards, this Let me laugh. “

“There is no problem with the groin, the knees are very good, I am very healthy.” Hayden said, “I can participate in the complete sniper training, the training method of the past two years and the difference I want. I will go all out this year. Upper and previous methods. “

Some things let us understand that this is definitely not the last time, hearing the hostile team of Shelman accuse him to attack him. Sherman has completed his legend by his strength, and now he needs to maintain them on his own efforts.

Although 49 people use the first round of the first round of the first round of the defensive front line player Arik Armstead, the team still needs Smith’s ability and experience. They hope to be able to convince Smith to return through this meeting. Previously, Smith has said that there is no problem with his physical condition, just very enjoyable life.

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