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In the first year of this season, Moore served as the first year of the offensive coordinator, the total offensive code rankings of cowboy was first, and the average of 27.1 points, the ranking alliance six. 4-point guards, Dak Prescott, played a career, and the passing of 4902 yards 30 times.

Tiger cut off the attack, Cote, CD, Glen

The US time is on Friday, the official announced that Condy Glenn is cut off. Glennas will take $ 9.5 million salary space, and the tiger can now make this part of the space, don’t worry about death.

However, Olsen I didn’t participate in any training or meeting for Viking. Although there will be Fox Sports in the meeting, Olsen said: “If you accidentally disclose to explain people, this iron is your pot.” He doesn’t think hello Participate in the ball of the game to learn more.

“Think that I will have an unfair advantage is nonsense,” Olsen said, “all the games from all teams have participation in each team, to explain that the game is already tired, observed on the side line. It is not necessary to say. I don’t think I have time to make a small action. I have never been this idea. I have never I feel that I will watch the training. “

Black Leopard Olsen opposes explaining that there will be extra advantages

Viking This week, I was difficult to talk to the race of the race this week, and the black panther’s close-end Greg Olsen was difficult to think that he can learn a lot through explanation, and transfers these knowledge to the Black Leopard. Let them achieve additional advantages in the next game.

After some competition, the two sides took a test mode, and the lions used the Saint abandonment to get the opportunity to start attack at the Saint 40 yards. Matthew Stafford A cross-pass golden Tate won the 1 yard of the pass to the ball. Before the end of this section, the Saint uses a free kick’s score of the first section at 7:3.

When meeting with the media on Thursday, the team’s new coach McCarthy said Moore and will continue to be responsible for the team attack tactical command. Last Moore also plays the same role in Jason Garrett.

The answer may be yes. Gatman and Norman have a difference in long negotiations and to Gateman’s single season of 14 million US dollars and their flowers are not as good as spending in the corner. Norman may be annoyed. This decision does not make it before the free player market is hotter.

According to the Cheap Nfl Jerseys TV reporter Ian RapoPort, ensuring that Moore continues to be responsible for tactical command is one of the ways to keep his way. Moore was previously considered to become the offense coordinator of Washington University, but McCarthy and denim boss Jerry Jones still retained him.

General Manager of the Black Panther: The door of the black panther did not go to Norman

Dave Gettleman, General Manager, Carolina, is surprisingly decided to withdraw the privilege label contract for Josh Norman, but this means that Norman can’t return. Is the black panther?

Saints failed, and the lions took away from New Orleans

Beijing time December 22, NFL ushered in the last game in the 15th week, and the lion scene challenge the Emirates. The Lion team has mastered the initiative of the game from the beginning of the game, and she won the competition in this unrequited pain. The score of the whole game is 35:27.

The thing that Gatman didn’t say is that he takes 14 million US dollars to pay like Star Lotulele, Kawann Short and Kony Ealy. Gateman adheres to the old team thinking, so the idea is easy to understand: the champion team is created by investing four-point guard and defensive front line.

In the 13 years of coaching green bay packages, McCarthy most of the time is responsible for attack tactical command. Now he is willing to make this power to Moore is very important. Now the cowboy is still building a coach group.

This may be once again Gateman’s continuous efforts to let the negotiations have been peaceful. When the Leopard cut the legendary player Steve Smith, Gateman has experienced the same criticism, when he tried his best to let the situation & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; keep the front. He also praised Norman and his broker to handle negotiations.

“Matvis Brines has complied with the regulations and have been eligible for the alliance.” Kevin Colbert “, General Manager of Steel Man, said in the statement. “We thank him to take the necessary measures to let your life returns to the right track. We also understand that he begins to return to the team and meet all the recovery of the prerequisite prerequisites.”

In the fourth game, the Saint opened with a free kick, and then Brisca passed the second to the division to narrow the division into a round. This is the ball is Marques Colston. Fortunately, the lions responded in time, Joyk Bell (Joique Bell) completed 1 yard’s mushroom to reach. In less than 2 minutes left in the game, Briser took a reach, Benjamin Watson received this pass. But the gambling kicks of the saints did not succeed, only helplessly swallowed this defeat. The final score of the final game is 35:27.

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