Certified Refurbished XMC-1 – Emotiva Audio Corporation

Our new XMC-1’s have a one of a kind Certified Refurbished distinction, are in great operating order, appear nearly new, come with all accessories, and a non-transferable factory 1-year warranty. The XMC-1 is designed, tested, and assembled correct here in the USA, at our facility in Franklin, Tennessee. The XMC-1 redefines all the things you know about dwelling theater gear fantastic audio functionality does not have to expense an arm and a leg, and neither does assistance for the most current cutting-edge 4k video formats. We encourage you to verify out some of the many evaluations of the XMC-1 that have been published – by each experienced reviewers and end users. We can offer this system for the reason that all of our flagship preamp processors are designed and assembled with terrific care in-house. The sophisticated audio circuitry in the XMC-1 delivers the superb sound excellent of a premium separate audiophile component the high-functionality video switching circuitry supports the most up-to-date 4k UHD and HDR video formats, and the powerful menu and control method ties it all collectively into 1 simple to use technique.

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The Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is your assure from Prop Retailer and an essential component of your obtain. We sustain a comprehensive digital image archive of all pieces sold via Prop Retailer and can contact on those photos to cross-reference pieces with COA numbers at a later date. The COA is transferable to each and every new owner of the piece all through its lifetime, and each of those new owners will also get pleasure from the complete safety of its guarantee. Any COA is only as very good as the corporation who backs it. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built within our field and take our reputation pretty seriously. Prop Store’s COAs recognized throughout the global collecting hobby and industry. Each item is also allocated a exceptional Prop Shop serial number, which enables us to store and later reference the original sale on our database. Our certificates carry The Prop Retailer Seal of Authenticity and assured for life. Our photo matched certificates are signed, embossed and function a tamper proof hologram. Whenever you buy an original prop or costume from us you can rest assured that it is assured to be used in the production of the film or show attributed.

Messaging capability is turned off at the point of buy to defend the integrity of the approach. At this time, your handbag will route to the authentication facility, and all tracking facts and notifications are readily available on the eBay platform. Tracking details is offered on the Purchase History page, exactly where you’ll be able to track the shipment of your order and see exactly where it is in the authentication procedure. Once verified, the authenticator will send your handbag to the address entered at checkout. Please double-check to make positive you’ve entered the appropriate address. Learn a lot more about canceling your order right here. You can request to cancel your order by way of the Purchase History web page inside an hour of acquire if the seller has not however shipped the item. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate address adjustments at this time. Buyers can return an item if the seller accepts returns, as stated in the listing, and the return requires location inside the seller’s return window. Your handbag will 1st ship to the authentication facility.

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