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This year’s horses and Josh McDaniels are a good example. Pony announced McDaniels after the end of the super bowl will become their new coach, but the latter is temporarily changing, and choosing to stay in the patriots as an offensive coordinator. Xiao Ma had to start a new round of search. Fortunately, they will talk to Frank Reich, find new coach.

Alliance or allow the team to sign the coach before the end of the playoffsThe teams are looking for the next time: candidates and conditions have been fixed, but they have to wait until the candidate is in the playoff game to formally sign up. This adds an unefective factor in the completion of the contract.

According to Lat Portote, Pierre Paul refused other teams higher quotes. JPP actually thanks to Arizona Red Chresses on your own social media. He may not want to accept a contract with a high start salary because it is only completely healthy to play 8 games and only get one shot. He also don’t want to leave New York, here is another home for him. Pierre Paul is the first round show in 2010.

At present, the pony team can be said to be a wounded, and their injury list has defensive striker-Mora (Fili Moala) and the Line-Morgan (Aaron Morgan). Plus Thomas and Barad, it seems that the pony team will have to suffer from injuries.

The pony team hopes that Thomas’s reproduction can improve the status quo of the team’s attack front line. To know, this offensive front line is in a bad breath, they can’t keep healthy, can’t make effective cover, and let them The four-point guardian andrew luck received too much impact. In order to strengthen the offensive front line, the pony team signed Lance Lance Louis from the Chicago Xiong team during the offset period, and selected two rookies at the election meeting to strengthen their offensive front lines. But Thomas’s sudden injury, completely disrupted the deployment of the piles.

NFL will try to avoid similar accidents. According to NFL media reporters, the alliance hopes to change rules restrictions in the future, so that the team does not have to wait until the club in the candidate is in the playoff game.

According to Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll said that the sea eagle took over Thaler Rockte, which continent in the competition, wholesale jerseys caused severe swelling, and has been taken to nearby hospitals to receive treatment.

Pony main striker seriously injured season reimbursementThe injury has begun to attack the pony! According to the Associated Press, the Indianapolis pillars have put the first striker Donald Thomas in the quarters of the season reimbursement. It is reported that Thomas is very likely to absence the entire regular season of the pony team because of the right stranders. As with the same team, there is also the team’s young running front Vick – Vick Ballard, the latter’s left legs tending is also very likely to lead to its season reimbursement.

Lions runowing to Abdullah: Can you leave it?Beijing August 29th, at this time, Ameer Abdullah is still a shiny star, often occupying the first version, so that the fans are looking forward to. In now, this running guard is uncertain in the future of the team.

When Carol accepted a reporter, heard that Lockte was still subject to surgery. He said that the team considered letting him stay in the hospital. Obviously Carol is worried about the health of Rockte, but at the same time, the information on his hand is also very limited.

During the fireworks accident, the right hand index finger and other finger parts were in the amputation of less than a year, Pierre Paul returned to where he never wanted to leave. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Pierre Paul will stay in the giant in a year of the contract on Tuesday, IAN RAPOPORT.

The patriot coach Bill Bilchk (Bill Belichick) has seen the love people of the Director, and he has built a Aaron Hernandez by Gron and Alonadez. The double-nest end combination, unfortunately, Ernande is jailed by Erninad, but now the patriot has finally reappeared this scene, which will let the team’s defensive coordinator headache. Bentel continued: “I haven’t figured out what I haven’t figured out now, what is the role in this team? Now let me try all kinds of positions and characters, many of them have never tried it before, so I especially Excited. They are transforming me, extension my skill package. “

Abdullah said: “It feels very stressed every week, you need to make some achievements every day. This alliance asks you to prove yourself, every day is a new opportunity, now I am trying to make progress every day. “

The patriot new aid: is willing to be “Robin” by GronideThe new England patriots came from the Chicago bear traded from the Chicago Xiong team this year. He also made the patriots re-owned the opponent’s pair. In the new season, he will become the core offensive weapon of the Patriot with Rob Gronkowski.

For the injury of Thomas, Chuck Pagano, which trains Chuck Pagano, “Donald and Wik very hard, their injuries make us feel bad. He is very strong young man I believe he will get better. ” Thomas is injured in training on Wednesday, and the nuclear magnetic resonance after training: Thomas plenty of tear his right stranded four muscles again. On Friday night, Thomas has left Anderson University (the local training camp) of Anderson University,

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