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After that, McCaski did not require medical examination, apparently the body hunt. So what happened to the dressing room of the bears? This incident gives us an impression that some people can sit on the edge where the boss is located, and the eyes of the venue must have a problem. It is also said that the bear fans really can’t see it, put the boss and put the boss.

In 2013, the first round of the first round of the first round, the Richardson selected by Richardson became the best defensive player in the rookie season, and he was selected in the second season. He is widely considered to be one of the most talented guards in the alliance.

1. Detroit Lion once again signed the near-end Hornogan-Thomas, put the defensive end Austin Bryant (Austin Bryant) is placed in the injury reserve list.
2. Atlantian Femplay is a contract for 1 year in the Keith Smith. He was cut off by Auckland raid in the last weekend.
3. Cincinnati Mason again signed the striker John Jerry, attacking the disappearance Akhet-Dugas (O & # 39; Shea Dugas) is placed in the injury reserve list, offensive Miller (Wyatt Miller) was signed in the spanning group.
4. New York Giants will deflate the B.j. B.J. Goodson transaction to the green bay packaging workers, signed off the David Mayo, and also signed 2 players to enter the spap group.
5. Miami dolphin cut off the defensive disappearance. Vincent Taylor.

Of course, the lack of progress in recent weeks have shown that the Redskins transactions may not be what they want in return, but wait until the first round of the draft is over, so they get in return is less possibility & mdash; & mdash; especially in this year’s draft there are a lot of good offensive tackles.

Viking Word announced the defending frontline player Shelton Richardson, which was once the effectiveness of the Seattle Hawks and New York jet. The contracts signed by both parties were one year, with a value of 8 million US dollars, calculated that the value of the prize was up to 11 million US dollars.

The two have worked together in the last season, Brown completed 4 shots, advanced 54 yards, reached once, patriot 43-0 victory dolphins. Interestingly, the pirate coach Bruce Alianz (Bruce Aria) once insisted that the team would not sign Brown, saying that he is too annoying, and does not comply with the team offensive system.

Alliance announced the 2020 elevation compensation sign allocation
US time on Tuesday, the alliance announced this selection compensation sign allocation. 32 compensation files were assigned to 15 teams. The patriot has won 4 compensation, wild horses, Texas, Viking, giants, eagles and harvesters. In 2019, the Patriot lost several players who met the compensation conditions in the free market, but eventually got a compensation sign.

Richardson will defensive disappearance in Viking, Defensive Pathfalls, Joseph, Daniel, and Daniel, Taniel – Hunval Hunter) partner. If you are good at defensive tactics, Mike Zimmer can stimulate Richardson’s huge potential, and Viking will have the most destroyed defensive front line of the alliance.

Tight schedule without a doubt affected the attitude of the Redskins. If the draft is still the beginning of Williams Redskins players, given that he has clearly expressed want to leave, the Redskins are less likely to be rewarded transaction want.

Williams deal could be worth up to in the next 24 hours. After determining the Redskins in the outside world that there will be enough heavy trading returns will consider the bid farewell to the 31-year-old left tackle, this may mean that potential was sent home under a high draft pick this year. More reasonable should be a bargaining chip in future high draft picks, Williams’s career because for how long is unknown, especially he missed the entire 2019 season and still needs to pass a medical examination in order to complete the transaction.

After Sudden retiring in Andrew Luck, Pony will now let Brey specially served, while Hoyell will play in an emergency. After another backup of the team, after the return of Chad Kelly, he will be expected to be a three-point guard.

In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the news outside the Richardsonfield is more concerned than the performance on his field, so he does not have some teams sought after as expected. In the past two seasons, he only got averaged 1.25 times a season, 8 times a season, and at the 2014 and 2015 season he had averaged 6.5 times averaged 18 hit four-point guard.

For the substitute quarter-off, $ 9 million is a considerable guarantee income. Pony hopes that he can do more guidance Cheap jerseys from china the presence of a substitute in the field. Unless Brid is injured, Hoyer should play the same role with the play of patriots.

Washington Redskins and more teams to discuss the transaction left tackle Williams
Trent – Williams (Trent Williams) near the end of the day the Washington Redskins, but how would the two sides parted ways still unknown.