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After signing 4 years later, the inner special season that is currently seeking new contracts will receive 6 million US dollars. He participated in the training camp but listened to him, did not expect the Hawks to give him a new contract.

Carson – Parme Mane knees front cross ligament tear

In the end of Arizona, the Rapu’s collar, the collar, the main four-point guard, the squad, was injured in the 4th section of the game, and then raised by the electric car out of the court. . After the game, Parm should be tearing the knee crossed ligament, which is likely to be reimbursed this season.

Parmer’s injured knee ligaments were old injuries. He has suffered serious injuries in the same part in 2006, so the injury is particularly worrying. After the squadron, Bruce, Bruce Aria, said that he is not clear about the injury of Palmer, but also waiting for further examination.

Eagle near the end of Empitz through the brain shock inspection process

This week, in the face of a strong enemy ram, the return of any ball weapon is valuable to the four-point Wei Karson – Wenz (Carson Wentz), not to mention that this is a member of his favorite.

The rickets have just signed the renewal contract for 3 years 50 million US dollars (20 million US dollar guaranteed) this Friday. This injury also made Palma and the red rose. . The vacancies in Palmer will be filled by the Substanton Situ-Stanton, Stanton, who has been temporarily served as the team’s first four-point guard, although his pass is preceditive Improve, but his self-confidence makes him not afraid of far passing and difficult passage. For example, today, he just goes to connect the new show, John Brown, cheap nfl Jerseys from china complete 48 code arrays.

John Schneider, General Manager, said: “The Haiying has made a difficult decision: Termination Doug – Balde Wenhe Cam-Qifusler has not passed the contract of the medical test. These two are the most in the history of the team One of the representative players, it also contributes well for our championship. They have a positive competition, the leadership of the field and the community. They will always be a member of the Hawk family. “

Tomlin: Need to rebound, win the last game

Pittsburgh Steelman lost the initiative of the hiking playoffs after the Moususus in Baltimore, and they need to wait in the last week to wait for the miracle. Because New York jets defeated the new England patriot, the steel man needs to win clinklan Brown at the last week, and expect jets to be in Buffalo.

“They can’t give everyone a lot of money, but they will have a lot of money to the players.” Bente told Yahoo Sports. “They pay some players a lot of money, others feel that they should get the same salary as these players, because everyone has contributed to the team into the superb bowl and finally got the championship.”

Bennet said that although he wants to have a better contract, he will continue to work hard and feel happy with any Haying player who gets a new contract. But he is worried that the Hawk lineup will be large in the next few seasons. “I am worried about this, because the depth of lineup makes us achieve those achievements and let us win the championship,” Bentet said. “Everything has a shelf life, we understand this, so we have to take advantage of our good opportunities when we play.”

Hawks Terviate Baldwin, Qusler Contract

Beijing May 10th, US Time Thursday, Haiye officially announced that the contracts that Doug Baldwin and Kam Chancellor have not passed through physical examination.

Brown currently has no right to rank, steel people want to overcome them. It is not difficult. But the same situation also happens in Bill, whether they can go all possible to be a big look at the last week.

Bald Wenhe Qusler has suffered from injuries in recent years. Since the end of the 2018 season, Bolden has accepted three surgery. In the last time, it is necessary to take at least 2 months at least 2 months. At around April, there was a report that Baldwin is considering ending your career. Due to health problems (groin, knees, shoulders), Bao Dewen’s career may really come to the end.

Jets in the offseason this year and Simeon signed a one-year contract, hoping the former Broncos starting to give biennial Sam – Da Nuode (Sam Darnold) as a qualified substitute and tutor. But Da Nuode due mononucleosis syndrome can not play, Simeon will get the first opportunity, but no injuries can be expected.

Qifusler has not played in the 2018 season, because he has suffered a serious neck injury before, and it is also considered retirement. Ten months ago in Instagram, may have already finished the last game.

The first defensive disappearance Tony McDaniel was cut off by the team from the goal of salary and capsule last Sunday. Bente said that it can’t be lowered to this move. “This is what people can’t understand, people talk about Tony McDaniel is like & lsquo; 喔, he is just a normal player, & rsquo; but thinking, how does Bobby Wagner how to complete those? These people are a part of the team, “he told Yahoo Sports. “This is like a clothing brand,” he continued. “You see people with clothing brands, but you didn’t see people who used clothes to make clothes. It always needs role players in this alliance.”

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