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Manning participated in some training last week, but it was repeated and had to absence the training of last Friday. He was trained in training and recovery this week. According to reports, Manning’s current recovery progressed to the extent priority before, and he also conducted the same trial with the trainer.

Relevant sources, the Cowboys are very optimistic about Collins, the team hopes he can play first week as a starter. Currently Cowboy has Tail-Smith, the team or will ask Collins as a right cut or left striker. For cowboy, this signing has made the original powerful offensive front line such as Tiger, the team has greatly improved in the depth of lineup.

Gromese added oil people in 1960, and the rookie year completed 72 battles, promoted 1473 yards, reached 12 times, performance is very eye-catching. The second year’s achievements are also good, 50 games have been promoted to 1175 yards, reached 17 times, ranking the first year.

Eagle with quarter Sanchez for 2 years

Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanche) revitalized his best year in the past 8 games, and the Sanchez decided to continue to stay in the embrace of Qipu-Kelly when there is a free player.

Mike and teams are not easy to find consensus on renewal. Although the top quaternary annual salary and security income increased year by year, the best defensive players in the league did not treat such a good treatment.

Musliver coach Satisfied Pedon – Manning’s trial performance

At this week, Denver Mangao Coach, Kubiak, said the four-point guards needed to conduct a “important” trial on Saturday to assess his foot. Recovery in fascinitis.

Earlier this week, Collins has been associated with Buffalo Bore and Miami dolphins, but in the end, he decided to join the cow. This is not the first question player signed in the draft. The front team roughly greened from the two rounds of HR Gregory. If the above two can overcome the field factors, convert the talent into the field, the denim will be one of the biggest winners in this year.

In the history of professional football, Gromese is the only player who has a 25-game game in front of his 25 games. Unfortunately, he has been weak in four years, and the final career is 174 times, and the 3481 yard is promoted, reaching 36 times.

Bentet Friday and the Haiying renewal. This contract is 3 years, worth $ 31.5 million, including $ 1.75 million security income. Previously, there were reports at the end of October to point out that Bente is negotiating with the Hawks.

cheap nfl jerseys from china official website has reported that Saturday’s trial and the only difference between this week’s initial trials lies in Kubiak personally observed this test instead of watching video. If you want to say how much it is important to test, this trial reaction Manning’s feet is ending the feeling after the last trial this week, and the workload and value in Saturday trials are the largest.

Defensive Demold Michael Bente and Hawks for 3 years

Despite the Seattle Sea Eagle defensive Demold Michael Bennett looks at the career, his contract problem will cause unhappiness. His performance is far beyond the value of a 4-year value of $ 32 million in 2014.

This is a wise decision. Bennet is one of the top defensive ends of the league, and his performance has been amazingly stable since Joining the Eagle in 2013. After joining the sea eagle, he got 29.5 times and killed 7 times forced the ball. The Hawks are very lucky that Bente did not take a trip at the beginning of the season.

This has extraordinary significance for both parties. The eagle now has Nick-Work in the array, but they still need an old will and a rookie to do position competition. Sanchez and Jake Locker is the most popular two-point guard in the free market, which is undoubted that Sanchez has entered the door in Kelly.

Sometimes cheap nfl jerseys from china players get a big contract because of past achievements rather than future potential. Bente did not have any indication of the decline, but the player like him is only $ 4 million in basic salary for the sea-looking value. Bente, which is perfect for the Hawksman Tactics, is a long-term power in the seven people in the front line of the Haiying.

Plus Sanchez’s wages are not high. If Kelly wants to deal, you can pick up his proud door Markus – Marcus Mariota, Sanchez’s contract will not have any effect on the eagle. It is important to know that the eagle is the sum of the four-point guardian wage is half of Jay-Carter.

When the wild horse struggles with the seeds in the playoffs in the absence of Manning, the report of Manning injury will continue. If the wild horses will win next game, they will ensure the first round of rounds in the season. But if there is a mistake, they may also miss the playoffs.

John Schneider, General Manager of Haiying, should also get awards. After winning a super bowl of champions in 2013, many Hawks players became a free player, Schneider can manage the team’s salary cap and did not succumb to the request of the player. When the general manager has so many excellent players in the array, it is easy to give each person too much contract and damage to the team. Either do this or you can find yourself to find such excellent players.

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