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After accepting foot surgery, Cheap jerseys the crow announced that Smith will absence the remaining competition in the season on Thursday. John Harbaugh, said on the official website of the team: “After a detailed inspection on Thursday morning, the doctor determines that Smith needs to make surgery to repair his footsteps as soon as possible. Jimmy reimbursed this season, but He will recover during our rest. “

Hubble was forced to restructuring the second-line defense, and took the Danny Gorrer from the person who was cut off from the lion team and planned to move safe to move to the angular guard. Smith’s absence will be a huge challenge for Hubble and its coach group. The crow needs to hit the competition in the fierce competition of 4 teams in the United States.

Message: Tiger trying to trade Brown coach JacksonDoes the United States have a trainer? Recently, there is a news that Cincinnati Mason’s main congratulations against Cleveland – Jackson (Hue Jackson), I am interested in trying to trade him.

Haynik is a player, there is currently no NFL regular contest experience, and Ledner is just signed last week, and he is Minnesota locally, and is the only 33-winch in the University of Minnesota. More than 36 players of 36 passes.

With the end of the Tiger’s head, Marvin Lewis, the end of the MARVIN LEWIS season (although he tried to deny this news.) But about the hierarch will not be guessed by everyone. So Jackson became the center of the recent news.

Washington red leather replacement quarterfield is the team’s emergency long kickUS Sunday, Washington Red Leather Matching Green Bay Packing Workers may have a fun screen, you will see the red skin of the four-point guardian-McCoy, McCoy, playing long-player Role.

But this is not all of the programs of Viking. Recently, the team head coach Mike Qi Mike Zimmer received an interview with an interview that the team hopes to hold three quarters on the list of 53 people.

However, Brown still has many reasons to see the hope of turning over. In addition to Beckham, they have built a set of lineups with many young outstanding players. However, there is a high expectation is a matter, reaching the expectation is another matter.

But abandoning the long-player, obviously not a substitute four-point guard, but if McCoo can become a temporary long-term kickman in this game, then the team’s third fourth part of the new show – Selder Nate Sudfeld may have a chance to be activated into a big list.

Viking’s main coach said that the team will hold three to play four points.It seems that as long as Sam Bradford is kept healthy, Minnesota Weijing does not need to worry about the problem of quadrant.

Since Beckham has entered the alliance in 2014, Brown 4 times in the United States in the United States in the 5th season, only 18 wins and 61 losses 1 flat record, which was a season in the 2017 season. In the same period of time, the patriot was five consecutive years to dominate the United States and 4 times to enter the super bowl. 3 times win the championship, and 62 wins and 18 loss.

And Smith’s salary in the next season is $ 68.98 million. He said that the crow team in 2011, and the level of professional bowl level was also shown this season after the 2013 season broke out. Through the statistics of the “Professional Rush” website, only 51.5% of the ball completion of the Smith direction is one of the best five corners of this data in the alliance.

After the absence last week, the crow team’s second-line defensive was defended by the Pittsburgh Steberty – Rozrisberg (“Big Ben Roethlisberger). Today’s reimbursement, the defense against the crow is a heavy creation. And it has not yet been replaced by replacing his candidates: Lardarius WEBB) This season is the worst year of his career, while Smith is replaced last week Dominikfranks and The first quarter of the season – Chykie Brown was cut off.

Vikings quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins) retain their efficiency and stability, completed 30 passes 24 times, advancing 242 yards, one touchdown, no steals. Running back Darwin – Cook (Dalvin Cook) rushed the ball 18 times, advancing 62 yards, touchdown. Wide receiver Stephen Fung – Diggs (Stefon Diggs) the ball six times, advancing 92 yards.

Not how Dalton (Andy Dalton) played – Baker – Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) and Andy. Dalton completed 38 passes 22 times, advancing 262 yards, steals once. Mayfield 24 passes completed 11 times, advancing 192 yards, 2 touchdowns. Both sides of the running back touches are good, Joe – Mike Song (Joe Mixon) rushed the ball 23 times, advancing 146 yards, one touchdown. Nick – Chubb (Nick Chubb) rushed the ball 15 times, advancing 106 yards.

Locke is the first time in NFL history a starter away games, advancing more than 300 yards passing and three touchdowns rookie. He completed 27 passes 22 times, advancing 309 yards, three touchdowns, steals once. Currently two games he completed 55 passes 40 times, advancing 443 yards, five touchdowns, 2 steals.

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