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After the patriots effective for 9 years, after winning the super bowl 3 times, Gronoski announced its retirement in 2019. One year later, he chose to come out, and followed the footsteps of the old friend Tom Brady to join the pirate together, and ranked together. In March this year, Gronoski re-signed a year contract with pirates, salary of 10 million US dollars.

But after the draft, this pattern has changed. In the third round, the steel man selected four-point Swan Mason, Mason Rudolph, didn’t, Rosrisberg expressed his dissatisfaction, but Rudolph made a proper response. Since you can’t shake the first hair, will Numius’s status will be a little dangerous? In general, the team does not use three rounds to sign a quarter-saving that cannot be squeezed into the depth lineup. This is also a kind of motivation for Jones, and he even wants to play the inspirational story created last season last season.

Alliances and various teams can only continue to adapt to the status quo in the case of the epidemic. Usually this mini training camp is over. For the second year, Jinsuri, who was coach, the old players didn’t have to continue to participate in the training.

After 10 years of assistant coach for Leid, Naji’s coach is impressive. Under him, the bear team has become the best level of the league from the league bottom, and the 12 wins and 4-dimensional performance and winning the national gains.

Jones said: “This will be my goal, Falls can be a super bowl MVP! In the subconscious, you will always hope that you can do this. It is not to hopes that the player is hurt, because everyone is very good, it is very related Take each other. I am also very concerned about the big book. I really hope that everything is fine. “

After the team of Chicago and Tennessee Titan ended the virtual off event, the Sapphire Crury, Kliff Kingsbury, told that the team would not have to continue to participate in the virtual break event, he Will see you again in the training camp.

This season, Gore completed the individual 961 yard in the case of the horses. His career has spent 49 people and pony in San Francisco, and we don’t know what to make a decision, but at least he completed a milestone.

Gronoski said in an interview: “When I joined the patriot on the first day, this club chopped the importance of my return. I would like to thank the boss of Clavite and the patriot to my teachings. They let me know how to understand Grateful importance. “

Steelman four points to Jones intentionally becoming the second

In the past few years, Pittsburgh’s four-point guards have not moved: the first is this – Roethlisberger, the number of headers is Landry Jones.

“So, when we worked in the city and Kansas City, I learned from (Andy), Andy Reid, you won’t want to be a team with a lot of 12 o’clock or 1 point. “Naji said to Nfl Jerseys TV network. “You will want to be as many nights as possible. We are very excited to have this treatment.”

Although Beckham is not worried, considering that it is his second season, he should pay attention to his reputation. He has been famous because of his ability to complete the attack, but he will not be considered a moving dirty player.

Multi-Bill defensive group players accused Beckham Boxing in the game and have violations of sports morality. But Beckham has no concerns. “I don’t worry,” Beckham said. “Control my emotions is not what I am worried.”

The bear coach Negior: very excited team to get a lot of night comments

On July 14th, the Chicago Bear will begin the 100th NFL season in the golden time of the Golden Bay packaging in the golden time night.

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