Free Fire, Again Giving Free Redeem Codes!

Garena re-announced the last Free Fire (FF) redeem code on September 12, 2021. It is said that exchanging the code has many advantages, including weapons, avatars, diamonds, costumes and characters. Through uploads to its official Instagram account, Free Fire shares free codes and can be exchanged via the web

“I’ve hacked the process from Free Fire Indonesia, and today I can share a private redeem code for you! Let’s redeem the code now,” reads @freefireid’s post, Sunday (12/9).

Here are the steps for exchanging the FF Free Fire redeem code:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Log in to your Free Fire account using Facebook
  3. Exchange the code in the Redeem Your Code column, then click Confirm
  4. Prizes can be sent directly in the e-mail column in the Free Fire application

To exchange the FF Free Fire Redeem code for September 12, you can enter the code FF10JA1YZNYN.

Free Fire Game Is The Second Best Selling Survival Game In Indonesia Daftar Sbobet

For those of you who are still early on with mobile games, you can definitely wonder what FF games are currently popular. Garena Free Fire or FF is a Battle Royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio. This game is published by Garena for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Free Fire is a survival genre with a third-person shooter, in this game there can be 50 parachuting players who can fight in a map. Each player must survive by killing each other in order to survive until the end and win the game.

This game looks too interesting with many choices of player character and weapons that can be used by the user. In addition, there are also various variants of costumes that can be chosen at will. In Indonesia, this game is too popular, so that it becomes one of the national eSport game categories. Then, what are the advantages of this game? slot online terpercaya

This game is quite easy to understand. In Free Fire you can be thrown from a jet with a parachute with about 50 other players which causes you to have to compete with each other to be a survivor in a game.

Gamers can also freely choose from where they want to start the game, increase the chance of survival by killing other people, to choose a vehicle. To be a winner, players must kill other players and become champions. This game also provides various in-game features such as Red Zone and Vechile.

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