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In the past two seasons, Sercy is the first two-line free players in the official website of the official website. Previously, Titan had tried back Bernard Pollaard, and the arrival of Sercy will compensate for the vacancies he left. Titan looks at the excellent anti-running capabilities of Huscy, and the team has confidence in Those to integrate the existing defensive system.

Wild Horse Nauriba: Manning is the greatest player in history

Two people with our era of the most great quartz; & mdash; Tom Brady and PEYTON MANNING & MDash; & mdash; after being a teammate, Danfo Yami Wei Aki Bu – Tarib (AQIB Talib) is not to choose the one you like in both.

Although Adams believes that he is a second good quarter of the draft, he is not surprised by himself. “I am not surprised that I will fall,” Adams said. “I know that everyone talks about me, so I am not surprised.”

This is the high praise of Braddy, but in Manning to help the wild horse win the Super Bowl champion Taribi more like Manning. “Pedon Manning is the greatest player in history, the greatest history,” Tariba said. The 50th Super Bowl Champion. “

Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) was previously told that he had not contacted Peterson’s broker. He said: “In my opinion, regardless of whether Adrian is for us next season. Take effective, he will always be the Minnesota Vitan player. “

Drew Brees completed the 17-yard line with the external hand Michael Thomas in the second quarter of the fighting Eagle game, completed 6301 successfully Ball beyond Brett Favre, created new cheap nfl jerseys from china records.

Previously, the New York Giants also showed very strong interests in Sercy, but the final two sides did not further. Titan is very silent in this break, and the team’s new promotion coach Dick LeBeau is not rushing to find star players, and he firmly believes that Titan will continue to improve on the existing lineup. In addition, Titan will hold the No. 2 sign in the draft, whether or not to choose a transaction, the team has confidence to make great reinforcement through the draft.

The father of running the hedles, hopes that his son will retire at Viki people.

The father of Minnesotavik’s running guard Adrian Peterson said that the team and his son should find the way to make the latter to end their careers in Viking.

Just because the CFL does not mean that his NFL dreams will be shattered. Numeral well-known players have successful careers in the CFL, followed by NFL, and for Adams, many people in these players are quadruple.

Of course, the footsteps of Bris Rule Alliance data records have not stopped. The next waitingplace of Bris is the total number of chromatograms of Penton Manning. Briser was just behind the third week before the game, Buris was expected to break this record in Damin in the fifth week.

The former Oregon University four-defense is in the election, and now he will go to Canada to try to extend his career. Previously he participated in Seattle Hawks and Washington’s red-skinned trials but did not successfully stay.

The legendary quarter-saving or 11 professional bowls is the highest in cheap nfl jerseys from china history (66.9%). Not only that, Bris is the only four-point guard in the five-season password number of five seasons, and he has achieved this in 2008, 2011-13 and 2016.

Titan and the Former Safety Weisi Signing for 4 years

According to NFL official website reporters, the front Buffalo Biri Safety San Jols Sercy (Norris Searcy) has reached an agreement with Tennessee Titan, a contract worth $ 24 million, of which 10.5 million is guaranteed .

The privileged contract of Prescott, a privileged privilege contract, a privileged contract, a privileged contract, a privileged contract, a privilege label contract. In the history of NFL, there have been 8 quartzen to become privileged labels, only 2 people & mdash; & mdash; Dru-Bris (Kirk Cousins) & mdash; & mdash; The season did not sign a long, and 2 people eventually joined the new team.

Nielsen refers to the row in 2015 with a lower salary and Fitzgeraride. Fitzgerald, who is playing with a red scitch, is still excellent with a $ 11 million basic salary, and he ranks first in 107 rounds of the entire party last season.

The patriot may not like to like Pelton for the corner of their effectiveness, but what an answer you will expect? He and Manning’s experience included the new England Patriots in the United Jionun championship last season and won the super bowl of championship after two weeks. The Tarib is more like Manning after such experiences and is not unpleasant.

The denim renewal price contract is higher than Dak Prescott

We are getting closer and closer to the privileged label player on July 15. The time left to 4 points of Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboy is less and less.

Peterson has spent the 10-year greater in Viking, and he has reached $ 18 million in 2017, including March 11, 6 million US dollar bonuses. Viking must decide whether Pitterson rebuild contract or directly cut him.

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