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The red scitch takes over the end of February to restore health.
Beijing February 15th, the red rinning new show, Christian Kirk, a new show, a good performance, a steady improvement week, prove that he can threaten the outside. It is a pity that the foot fracture leads to Cork to miss the last four games.

Cork completed 43 battles last season, advanced 590 yards, reached 3 times. Although the data is not bright, it is also necessary to consider the Redianch team to promote 3865 yards throughout the season.

Lightning Run Wei Mervin – Gordon knee ligament sprained
Beijing November 27, US Time Monday, Lightning Officially announced that the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging results showed that the Melvin Gordon was sprained in the inside of the knee, and the injury took a few week recovery. However, Gordon still has the opportunity to return before the end of the regular season.

US Time Thursday, the Jagu Main Coach Doug – Malone Tell the reporter, the rookie rushing, Yoshua, Allen, is affected by the knee, the probability will not participate in the mini training camp. Allen has been absent from the same injury.

After the final instead of Marshawn Lynch, Mrshawn Lynch, Michael’s disappointing performance in Seattle may have an excellent player for cowboy. Although he will share the opening time with other running guards, Michael may eventually finalize the best offensive front line in the Alliance and McFadden and Landel partner.

Passing attack both teams have great vitality, corresponding, second-line defense teams have tested. Unfortunately, they are currently affected by injuries. Brown side, two cornerback, Denzel – Ward (Denzel Ward) and Geli Di – Williams (Greedy Williams) still does not get rid of injuries, has not been determined whether they played. The 49 people here, cornerback A Kailuo – Witherspoon (Ahkello Witherspoon) is determined absence, they need to find a substitute candidate.

[Event Preview] fifth week Monday night game: San Francisco 49ers vs Cleveland Browns
Less than expected start to the season can be said of the Cleveland Browns ushered in the season’s second night race field, this time they start to guest challenges unbeaten San Francisco 49ers. The game will be Brown show that they have truly become a strong team, 49 people still continue to maintain unbeaten start?

In the starting left tackle Joe – after Pistilli (Joe Staley) injury, rookie Justin – Schoolcraft (Justin Skule) to replace him as the starting left tackle. Brown and red setter Myers – Garrett (Myles Garrett) would be the most formidable opponent of his short career face. Garrett this season has made six sacks, and Skoal play will determine the stability of the season to play quarterback Jimmy – Garo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) can drive the offensive group.

Austin Ekeler will become the main running guard. Lightning is currently only one victory in the United States of America, and the external card is competing for two winners. But their next schedule is very difficult: steel man, tiger, chief, crow, wild horse. The five teams are all current playoffs.

In the short term, Gordon’s lack will greatly affect the offensive efficiency of lightning. The running guard in the League’s 4 years is good this year, and the 13-time Daren is a personal record, the number of flush codes, the scorpion code, and the number of ball codes are expected to create a new high. 10 games, Gordon won the ball 153 times, pushed 802 yards, reached 9 times, and completed 44 shots, advanced 453 yards, reached 4 times.

Excellent level of command when he was offensive coordinator Cheap jerseys last season, Freddy – Ji Qinsi (Freddie Kitchens) this season to become coach Brown, but Brown also has a rather luxurious arsenal. But Brown’s offensive performance of the group stage start to the season is not satisfactory, the reason both injuries, there are reasons for tactical command of the field. In training before the game, the last game suffered a concussion Jarvis – Landry (Jarvis Landry) and since the first week because of a knee injury Rashad – Higgins (Rashard Higgins) both return to training after being suspended wide receiver Antonio – Callaway (Antonio Callaway) can also return to the game. Running back Nick – Chubb (Nick Chubb) played the last game of the wonderful presumably are obvious. In the case of neat personnel, Brown finally played offensive group is able to meet the expected performance?

Cowboys have been unswervingly of Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar, and Lance Dunbar. However, the team boss Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones, hasn’t said that the denim will seek another young running guard. Michael is this person.

24-year-old Michael has taken the ball in the past two seasons. He has both body, strength and speed, which is very rare. However, he has never been able to show these characteristics when you have a chance to get a chance in the regular season, and his performance is not amazing in the preseason, it is difficult to ensure that the team will continue to leave him.