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wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Chief of Kansas City, which said the Emirates of the Kansas City is reported to the injury reserve list. Charles needs to accept the second knee surgery, although his injuries are unclear.

In theory, Mahmus has not facing the four-dimensional 15 yards in the 3rd. But last season, in the face of the three-speed over 15 yards, he showed excellent, 16 passed 12 successfully achieved 255 yards 3 times. Among them, the most important three-end conversion is a 44-yard pass that is completed in the Super Bowl in Section 4.

Emirates: gambling new four-speed offensive choice suitable for a player in the team

The proposal of gambling kicks may increase the four-speed 15 yard attack This option has caused attention to Patrick Mahomes, the Chief of Kansas City. The proposal will make a vote cheap jerseys from china the boss next week. If passing, then the chief opponents may be nervous.

In the first half of the third section, Houston has won the 3rd killing of this game, and the total number of murder this season reached 21 times. And his 21-time killing is also the 4th historic history of Chris Doleman and Reggie White, but 22.5 Union than Michael Strahan. The record is also 1.5 times.

After entering the second quarter, with the four-dimensional Weight of the steel, the steelman is killed, the steel man can only discard kick. But in the murder, the Tiger Safety Wei Rigi Nelson sprained the ankle. After the steel man advanced to the Tiger half a game at a time, the external hand Markus Wheaton had a drop error. But after the tiger got the ball, A.j Macquard once passed the steel person and returned to the Tiger 41 yard. The steel man’s advancement is blocked at the 21 yard, and they score through the shot, lead 3-0. After the Tiger attacked the three vibration bureaus, the steel man was steadily advanced from Antonio Brown and Marcus Stein to steadily advanced to the Tiger 12 yard. However, their advancement stops here, the steel man is once again shot again. At the end of the half, the steel man leads 6-0 leads.

In the fourth quarter, the Tiger started from the steel person. When the steel man is defensive, the ball is interfered with the tiger from the steel person 4 yard line. The tiger finally completed the Deli Mi Hill, and the score was rewritten into 7 to 15. The steel man is replaced by the four-point guardian Jones. In the tiger down-wheel attack, Jeremy-Hill and Taylor-Avot a few key batches, as well as McCarlen’s scorpion help the tigers to 17 yards. Through 36 yards shot, the tiger further reduces the difference to 10 to 15. After the steel man offensive three vibration bureaus, the tiger was abandoned by Adam Jones to discard the ticking to the steel man. Tiger, a key 4-speed 1 yard from Malvin-Jones, successfully advanced to the steel man’s 28 yard, and grouped by A.j Green. But the 2 points of the tiger failed, they only had 1 point for 16-15. 1 minute and 50 seconds left, the passage of the steelman Randri Jones was copied, but the tiger got the ball, Jerry Mi Hilfall, the ball was lost, the steel man was 26 yards. Get a ball. The steel man quits the big Big Ben to go back to the field. Tiger vontaze Burfict was punished by the Steelman’s Punker Antonio – Panji Brown. The steel man is over-tiger with a 35-yard FG in the game at the end of the game. The final score is 18 to 16.

Kle completed 69 battles in the 13 season, and the 759 yard was promoted to take 7 times. 14 times in the last season, the number of balls exceeded 600 yards, completed 4 times. The 26-year-old young near-ended has improved in the past two years, which also allows the team to have a determination to leave him. Previously, media revealed that Denver Musk and Buffalbill hoped to introduce Kre, and now I will stop this.

Charles’s career has encountered unfortunate turns. One of the most explosive running guards in the Alliance is now in the two seasons due to knee injury. Although the chief is sufficient to run well, Charles caught in the future of the team.

Dolphins use excessive labels on proximal pendant KR

The official announcement of Miami dolphins will use excessive labels to Charles Clay. After using the excessive label, other teams can still provide contracts for Kre, as the original East, the dolphin will have a 1 week of time to decide whether to match the contract proposed by other teams. If you match, Krene will continue to stay in Miami.

Tigers, the steel man promotes the next round in the playoffs

The second game in the first day of this season was carried out between Pittsburgh Steelman and Cincinnati. Cincinnati Tiger’s last playoffs will be traced back to 1991. The Tiger sent four-point guards AJ McCarron, the Turki-Dalton, Dalton, who was attacked, and the steel man was replaced by runzgerald Toussaint. De Angelo Williams, an ankle, is played in Deanelo Williams.

Nike Patriots #50 Rob Ninkovich Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyThe alliance has revised the original case proposed by the Philadelphie Eagle, no longer requiring only a score-behind team to try the four-speed 15 yards at gambling. In the new rules, the team will choose to take a four-dimensional 15 yard attack in the 25 yard of this party in addition to playing. Each team can only carry out such a choice for each team, which allows the team to have a chance to take a row to score and do not return the ball to his opponent.

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