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Gates’ strength is the advantage of the four-point guards and the use of tactics in the pass attack, which is an attractive advantage for 49 people. 49 people are currently prioritized. It is a transfer of a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottleneck in a bottlek kaepernick. 49 people may consider the team’s current defensive sharp line coach Jim-Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) and the defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as the main coach candidate.

Lion Strike Frank-Lagno Board

During Sunday, During the game, the lions found four-point guards, Frank Ragnow, Frank Ragnow, Matthew Stafford, and Chase Daniel, telling them, After the sharp line of the sharp line, I want to shout themselves.

NFL official announces the latest personal behavioral policy

On Wednesday afternoon, the bosses of the cheap nfl jerseys from china team unanimously adopted a new policy, regarding the policies of the players, and Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell retains the right to appeal for the rules.

Fred Pagac, Fred Pagac, said: “Ville is a great player, he likes a rugby game, he is very professional, in order to persist in the same goal. He will join the famous Hall in the future. Feng may be the best condition of the players I have coached, his exercise ability and its outstanding. Similarly, he also loves rugby, which is very investing in the game. “

The wild horses in the wild horsepine, Zehlin, I have coached Ver, Dallas, Darlas, said: “I have experienced his peak, and his difference is his feelings. He knows what you should do, opponent What will you do. You can’t just just a simple pre-judgment, you must have your own plan, to adjust your own feelings, to solve different situations. “

The 49 people in the Kansas City Emirates San Francisco in 31-20 meant that Rude is no longer the highest in NFL’s historical winner. He is now getting 207 victories in the regular season, and 15 victories in the playoffs.

In the 2017 season, the Pony Farcé Member Henry Anderson has also encountered throat. According to the US National Health Research Institute, 80-90% sore throat, bone cracked, misplaced or separated from high-speed closed injury. The most common cause includes a car accident and sports injury.

A special investigation consultant will be responsible for the initial discipline arrangement, and Goodel said: “This will be a new qualified investigation on the background of individual crime. Professionals will determine the punishment programs for violations of policykers based on our survey.” The new policy will include a conduct of several team bosses, at least annual review policies and recommend appropriate changes, and the committee will also seek proposals for external experts, and the Committee can also appoint an independent panel to participate in the appeal.

It seems that Reide enters the professional football Celebrity Hall of the panel. Despite the long coach career, Rid may not be selected by the famous Hall due to never won the championship. Marv Levy, who had led Buffalo Bowl in the 1990 consecutive, the only one in the ultra-bowl era, the only coach who never won the championship.

Gain and the close relationship between Pertton Manning, who has proven to be a fate, PeiTon Manning, may increase the Falcon’s interest, the falcon may make him and it is the first four four Matt Ryan, one of the assassins.

The New York Giants signed former Jets quarterback Gino – Smith

According to informed sources, if the quarterback Gino – Smith (Geno Smith) be able to pass a medical examination, he will be signing the New York Giants.

Wild Horse Coach Talk about Miller and Well Success Reasons

Denver Music Miller and Demarcus Ware will be the result of the superb bowl this week. In the interview in front of the game, the harmony of the wild horses also talked about the reason why the two top rush hands can be so successful.

Gain, which is widely considered to be one of cheap nfl jerseys young offensive genius, has gone to other teams to throw the owner of the Olive branch. Choosing a brigade of the Mustang Super Bowl Refused the chance to participate in the coach of Cleveland Brown in January this year.

The head of Reed coach career has spent the Philadelphia Eagle, and then he joined the Emirates for 7 seasons. The team he led 15 times into the playoffs, 10 times to win the partition champion, 7 times to enter the Federation Championship, but this is just the second time I entered the super bowl.

49 people, falcon intends to contact the wild horse offensive coordinator

San Francisco 49 people and Atlantian Funding Earls were brought to Jim Harbaugh and Mike Smith in the past 24 hours, and the horse did not stop the new head coach.

“We want to win the trophy for him, because this is what he iscome,” Super Bowl MVP Patrick – Patrick Mahomes “said. “He worked hard every day … I think he never slept. I tried it more hardworking than him but I have never done. He has to work hard than anyone I know, this is what he deserves. I am very happy that I can win this trophy for him. “

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