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In addition, the eagle also activated the training window of near-end Yand Dallas-Gao Detet (Dallas Goedert). Gao Dete’s third week, due to the absence of high ankle torque, it is still in cautious recovery, and is not determined whether it will play.

MTRO BROWN said: “Sam is an excellent person. As a coach, he led us to succeed, enter the super bowl. Everyone here is a friend, we not only like to get along with him, Very respectful. He is very generous and has been trying to help others. We have condolences to his legacy and children. “

Old Eagle takes behind Leng – Rig, I hope to fight this week.

US time on Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle new show, Jalen REAGOR, the thumb is restored, and you can play this week’s game.

The results of the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging test will make Bris’s injury is completely clear, but the saints seem to have let him take at least 1 game. If Bris is finally lack, then the Saint Jameis Winston has served as a first quarter-off.

In 1988, the Tiger Regular Tigers of Wicked 12 wins 12 wins and 4 losses. After the team, the team hit into a super bowl, but eventually lost 49 people in Bill Walsh. In the 8 years of the Tiger, the Weichi team has achieved the record of 61-66, and then entered the playoffs twice. The playoffs 3-2.

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero report that the saints are preparing to face the possibility of complete recovery for Brisse. In addition to rib injury, Briscia has recently been affected by right shoulder injury. In recent weeks, he can only participate in some training for this reason.

Last Tuesday, the Black Panther announced that Newton will seek transactions. However, given the, the black panther has no negotiation advantage and the outside world is still doubts about the health of Newton, and the transaction has not succeeded. The black panther can only choose to cut the Newton.

When I talked about the three-degree of the Super Bowl of Champion, Gronoski said support: “I think he has a big chance to enter the famous Hall. Data is difficult to show all of his contribution to the team. He is also a beast. His professional attitude is difficult to compare. “

However, after injury, the situation turned sharply. Newton has repeated shoulder surgery and is only two games from the last season. The problem of lasting injuries caused no team to pay a draft of Newton, which is about to enter the last year of the contract.

The four-point guard is unable to play the best performance after the replacement of the game in the competition. However, if he is the first week of training and the team will develop a game in the next game for its characteristics, we may see Winston play more excellent.

For the NFL, the draft is a landmark event off-season, so as to become a TV talent show to build luxury has become increasingly important for the Union. Sometimes riding on the draft will become “super boring show” from the “luxury performance”, so not surprisingly Union decided to accelerate the speed of the draft.

Pirate Board Bryan-Glazer said: “The news of Wiqi died made us very sad. Sam’s innovation leaving a deep stroke in the history of the rugby game. He chose John Lynch for us. (John Lynch), Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp, these people contribute to our super bowls. We have to worry about Wisher’s wife and the whole family. Sincerely mourning. “

The new rule makes sense: a seventh-round draft pick to start feels like endless time, even the media have begun to draft experts had nothing to say. The supplemental draft can not be traded, so the team needed to make a choice less time.

Rig was injured in the second week of lost to the race of the ram, and then accepted the surgery and was added to the injury reserve list. He completed 5 batches 5 times before injury, and he pushed 96 yards.

Last season, the Substate 4-point guard Tedi-Bridgewater seized the opportunity during the replacement of Bris, showing his ability, and finally let him join Carolina this year. Black Leopard is starting. Winston may also do the same thing.

Newton is not calm in the Last Day of the Black Panther. After the end of the last season, after the trading rumors, the panther new coach Matt Lu (Matt Rhule) inspired her “complete” to stay in the Newton during the comprehensive investigation camp. However, last week, the panther announced the decision to seek the transaction, but Newton disjudes this statement, he claims to be a black panther forced himself to seek transactions. On the same day, the Black Panther signed Teddy Bridgewater, a contract for $ 63 million, including $ 33 million in full guarantee income.

But now there is no more home left to Newton. Chicago Bear has signed the Nick Foles competition first position through trading. Los Angeles Lightning is currently insisting on Tyrod Taylor to serve as the first quarter. The new England patriots have recently signed the first year of competition in Brian Hoyer.

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