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After all NFL teams participated in the union organization’s simulation draft, John Schneider, general manager of Seattle Hawks, revealed that they and several other teams will conduct analog draft again. The focus of this simulation is the transaction in the draft.

Gudel, President of the League: Glory Glory Glory Glory

Nfl President Roger Gudell, said on Wednesday, if the final New England patriot won the 51st super bowl, he did not feel not to give the Champions Trophy Tom Brady. Comfortable.

Ryan Taylor will become a packaging

With Josh Sitton, the Green Bay packwork needs to find a new first left petroleum to protect their quarterfield. The head coach Mike McCarthy announced on Monday on Monday, and the fourth grade player Lanelor will serve as award. McCartki said that this 2013 decoration has been prepared for the game.

“Decided to activate Alhang because we feel that if you stay in the list of injured, this basically means he can play until the seventh game can come,” Rosman explained. “We feel that he will prepare before that. He thinks he will prepare before that. We think he is an excellent player, so we want him to return to this team as soon as possible. Obviously, under the new rules You can use a spap group player in the game day, which is new for us. “

Rivira’s daughter is a staff member of the Red Pitch Social Media Department. She and Rivira’s wife will be a Riviera not noted during the draft, and remove the name of the player already selected. Rivira wife’s mobile phone is also registered as an emergency contact number when technically fault.

McCartki said: “I am full of confidence in Lane. He strived this opportunity, I believe he will do very well, especially in the opening of the road. He still needs some game experience, but this is part of the change. The words are a chance to grow. “The career only first sends two Taylor naturally unable to replace Weschon, the former is particularly struggling in the performance of the pass protection. According to the score given by the professional football focus website, Western Passing protection score is as high as 91.1, while Taylor is only 45.8 points.

Dolphin Cautel and Dafan – Parker Regression Complete Training

Dolphin 4-point Weijie-Carter (Jay Cutler) is gradually recovering. At the last Thursday night, Katler that can only be snapped in the field due to chest injury should be able to return to the Sunday competition.

Goodel before decided to participate in the National World Championships to pay attention in New England. Since the end of the door, Gudel has not yet been present to watch the patriots. Goodel said this decision is not due to safety concerns.

Previously, Maiju was signed by the eagle to the training lineup. He is also the oldest training lineup member in the history of the league. He is a tutor of Carson Wentz in the eagle, as well as emergency four-pointing role.

It seems to have become a trend in the election first round. Previously, the Washington red leather, hand on the list of eyes, and the Shi Charli and hand holding the blossoms, the New York giant of the 4th shot, the new York giant is intended to trade down.

“Not a little … Tom Braddy is one of the greatest players in history. He has been this for many years,” Gundel said. “He won the fifth super bowl of championship. He is an outstanding player, great player and must be able to select a famous Hall. So this is a glorious thing.”

Jalen Reagor, Jalen Reagor, revealed that he would hold a small draft pair in an interview, and will also comply with the provisions of maintaining social distances. Fans will also see his draft night experience in the broadcast summary.

Atlantan Femplay continued to be a team worthy of attention on the first day of the draft, they may trade up. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Falcon has been negotiated with a team that is ranked first, and it seems to be ready to enter the top ten cheap jerseys from china the 16th line. Lobport indicates that the goal of falcon may be one of the two angular guards: Ohio State University Jeff Okudah and C.J. Henderson, University of Florida, C. J. Henderson.

cheap nfl jerseys from china TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that Arizona’s rickets have expressed their intention to trade down from Chapter 8. Due to the transaction to get the star outside Di Andre Hopkins, the red rickets currently have no second round of draft. They may want to accumulate more choices by going downwards to add more young outstanding players to the team. The 8th bit is a very attractive location, the team can choose the offensive front line player or the top defensive player or even quartz.

Goodel has also been asked to the relationship with the owner’s boss Robert Kraft Kraft, and the latter has been criticizing the processes of the alliance to the pneumatic doors. GuDer emphasizes that he is just working hard.

Owl General Manager: I didn’t actively sell the outer pickup Al Shang – Jeffrey

Philadelphia eagle expects AlShon Jeffery to come back from injuries in advance, which is why they live in the list of 53 people from the injury before the analysis of injury. However, Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Eagle, further clarified the recent rumors that may trade Jeffrey.

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