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The red ramp quartz from San Sensen – Palmer 34 passed 23, 213 yards, 1 Dava 0 Cascade 0 to kill. Dru Stanton 1 pass, 12 yards. Run David – Johnson 22 times, advancement 111 yards, a code 5.0 yards, 3 to more. External hand drawn – Fitzgerad 6 ball, 49 yards. John – Brown 5 battles, 54 yards.

Is the Los Angeles Ranger’s transaction beck is a failure?The Yu Yun of Kobe’s retired battle has not passed, and the new neighbor of the Lakers in Los Angeles has made a big news in the trading market.

Gould said: “The situation is more complicated, we have also coordinated 17 months. At present, my broker is handling. If there is anything I need to understand and make a decision, he will call me. Currently I They are all focused on the time of training and with their families. “

As soon as possible, the defensive group of the two teams took the lead in entering the state, the hurt recovered sagny quadrotae San – Palmer (Carson Palmer) and Qi Ji Wei Len Fitzpatrick Unable to establish a valid attack. Red squadron, lack of the main left-handed Mike – Mike Iupati’s Red Squad, Running David – Johnson (David Johnson) scorpion 58 code to score, Sapphire team 7 : 0 first record. The game will then fall into silence, and the two teams alternately abandon the kick.

Michael Vick movement speed is very fast, but he runs in Bill’s defensive end of Mario Williao Williams, etc. Players. Vik is very wolf in most of the game, and passing the ball for the stars, 19 passes only 7.

Lynch said: “Be sure to prepare for Wan Quan. The current epidemic contains too many unknown, change every day, so we must do a good preparation. We are actively contacting the State Government and local governments, trying to get as much as possible information.”

The second half of the jet flea first. David – Johnson scorpion pushes 14 yards. The red squash continuously entered the jet half-distance, and finally David-Johnson scorpion 2 code, this is the third tomb of him in this game, helping the team 21: 3 lead. Fitz Patrick has passed the ball in Quincy Enunwa and Jalin Marshall to win the first attack. Entering the Red District, the pass of Fitz Patrick is copied by the security guard D.J. Smicklin (D. J. Swearinger). This is the 11th pass of Fitz Patrick.

In the third section, Victs, after the upper and lower fields, the performance of the four-point guards of the replacement is not, not only one point is not, but also killed twice. Throughout the whole game, there are 218 yards in the propulsion code of the jet.

In the fourth quarter, the competition basically entered the junk time. The red rumors took over John – Brown brought the ball three consecutive times and won three first attack. External Hand Michael Floyd Advocated Cason – Palmer 9 yards pass to the score, the score became 28: 3. Subsequently, Fitz Patrick was replaced, and the quadrotae gno smith came. Four files 11 yards, Smith’s passed by “Honey” Tyran – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu). The red squat tonic Drew Stanton is played, and the garbage time is consumed. The final rock rose 28: 3 lightly tap the jet, won the third victory this season, and also ended the six-link against the jet.

The killing is too confused, Bill relies on the defensive ruleThe Buffalo Bell’s four-point guards Aunton has played a good play in the two games of the New York jet this season. He has passed a total of 468 yards and has a 6 time. But the Bill team can also win only with their defensive groups.

There is currently no indication that Shazur will return in the 2020 season. In January this year, Sterenral’s president Art Rooney said that even if Sazzle was put in the second season, his contract could not continue to enter the 2020 season. But Rooney means that I want to find a way to keep Shazur. If the Shazur contract expires, he will enter the free player market in March.

Pallar 28: 3 lightly taking the jet, ending the six-link against the jetOn Tuesday, October 18th, 8:30, the sixth week of the NFL regular season, on Monday night in Arizona, the New York Jet, and the New York jet fleet. The red scitch of the main battle is currently 2 wins and 3 losses, and the jet fleet is only 1 win and 4 losses. The two teams have only 8 times in history, and the jet machine will take up 6 wins and 2 losses. They maintain the six-game winning victory to the Hashque.

Los Angeles ram deals from Tennessee Titan! The ram is sent out in 2016 (15) + two rounds (43 + 45) + three-wheeled (76) + 2017 first round and three rounds, from Titan, 2016 yuan sign + four rounds (113) + six rounds (117).

The game enters the second quarter, the jet outside Brandon Marshall is pushing 36 yards, playing the ball Nick Folk, 39 yards free kick, jet The score is chased to 7: 3. The red rumor is joined J. J. J. J. Nelson first brought the 11 yard, then the shock pushed 14 yards. External Through John Brown (John Brown) caused a Cask Best-Skle (Defensive Pass Interference), and advanced 19 yards. Old will pick up the Larry Fitzgerald, in the University of Pittsburgh, the Narrelle Revis head is on the 12 yards. Finally, David David – Johnson Suspension 2 points to score, the Red Season 14: 3 leads. Then both sides continue to abandon the kick, and then there was no trees in the first half.

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