Literature Durations & Movements. Literary History

– From the Conquest to Chaucer 1066-1400

From Chaucer to Spenser 1400-1599

The Age of Shakespeare 1564-1616

The Age of Milton 1608-1674

From the Restoration to the Death of Pope 1660-1744

The Loss of life of Pope to the French Revolution 1744-1789

The French Revolution to the Death of Scott 1789-1832

From the Dying of Scott to the current Time 1832-1893


Theirs is a story as grounded and as real as it might be. Oliver and Jennifer, both from very different backgrounds fall in love, marry and battle financial troubles. However these appear like nothing in comparison to what lies forward. Love Story, the film was so memorable that Erich Segal was made to turn it into a ebook and for the right reasons.

The directors of post-Mutiny India were typically disparagingly called ‘competitors wallahs’, a reference to each the stiff entrance examinations of the elite ICS, and to a number of different practical and immigrating ( theoretical examinations that decided subsequent promotion and standing. Such an examination system produced an administrative class of the best intellectual calibre, and in an age when it was almost de rigueur to write down one’s memoirs upon retirement, the civil servants, judges, and generals of the British Raj left behind a legacy of wit and erudition. Countless such biographies and memoirs now lie gathering mud in forgotten libraries.

The undergraduate English major with language and literature emphasis affords college students a broadly based mostly, culturally contextualized introduction to the literatures of Britain, the United States, and, increasingly, Anglophone literature from around the globe. Students majoring in English are exposed to a variety of critical perspectives, and have the chance to pursue pursuits in literary historical past, important idea, language research, cultural studies, and creative writing. Good writing, analytical capability, analysis expertise, and a broadened perspective on the world are among the sensible accomplishments majors can expect to accumulate, all of which can be applied to a variety of careers.

Beginning in 2011, refugees flood out of battle-torn Syria in Exodus-like proportions. The stunning flood of victims overwhelms neighboring nations, and chaos follows. Resentment in host nations heightens as disruption and the cost of support grows. By 2017, many need to show their backs on the victims. The refugees are the unwanted.

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