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James joined the wild horse in March last year and signed a 4-year $ 51 million contract. He only played 3 games last season, even if the sample size is small, the performance is not good. Professional football focusing website gives him a scorpion cover rating is 41.6, which is the lowest career for James. The new system brought by Pat Shurmur may also help James, but you can see the effect in the 2021 season.

The team, such as the Auckland raid team, such as an Oakland raid team, is not necessarily suitable for Jennings, which is high as the Auckland raid team. Ted Thompson will bring him back to Green Bay Package as the fourth extraction?

James wrote in the statement: “In the past few weeks, I have repeatedly talking about Nfl jerseys with my family. I tried to find the right choice. I finally decided to quit the season. This decision is not easy, but it must be correct.”

Americas Tiger Chong Hand Allen: Not worried about the best defensive rookie competitionAt the time of the performance of Gardner Minhew, another Jacksonville American Tiger’s rookie did not pay enough attention.

Although this season is a lot of places that are not as good as those in the United States, even if Allen has eventually fails to receive the new show of the year, he will be a large flash point of the team.

The Allen has been hugged 10 times in the season to force the ball. In contrast, the winning player, the San Francisco 49 people rushing the Nick – Bosa (Nick Bosa) This season won 41 times, 9 times, 3 times, 3 times destroyed twice, 1 copy, one, forcing the ball .

Steelers fans will be a wide receiver Smith Schuster signature tattooed on his headBeijing July 29 hearing Pittsburgh Steelers training camp has just begun shortly after wide receiver juju – Smith Schuster (JuJu Smith-Schuster) has left his “mark.”

In addition to 10 cases, Allen also achieved 41 pressure quadrants and 11 impact quarters. If the American Tiger can retain the star rushing in the star, the combination of the two can bring huge trouble to the opponent offensive group in the next few years.

Jennings was founded in the expectations, but the trading of Wallace accelerated this process. The 31-year-old Jenningness was originally $ 8.9 million in income this season, but since he arrived in 2010, he did not catch a thousand yards a season.

Foster was injured in the game with Philadelphia eagle 3 weeks ago. The injury injury in the groin is more serious than the imagination, and the team has never given a clear injury situation, and it is more unable to predict the return time. Since the season, Foster is absent from 2 games, and Alfred Blue will continue to come to the front.

When asked whether this signature will become tattoo fans, Smith, Schuster said, “To be honest he probably will. If he really do it, it was amazing. If he tattooed me on the head signature, I will give him tickets to see any of his race … yes. “

In an interview, Allen said he used to being ignored by the big market. “I can’t control this matter. I can control my performance in the game,” Allen said. “You think about my college career, my life is like this. This is not fresh for me. I still have to continue to struggle every week, fight for my teammates. Play for them. I will only continue now Performance.”

Outside the star wide receiver on the first day of training at the head of a Steelers fan left his signature. He then told reporters that if fans become the signature tattoo, he will give the latter to provide match tickets.

Last week, Texas treated Foster in the same treatment, and the final team was still conservatively choosing to let him rest. Previously, when the BRIAN CUSHING and Jedevian were injured, Texas also did not let them appear after they were “doubt”. Therefore, the actual performance of Foster is much less than 50%.

“He put the Steelers logo tattooed on his head, so he left a Mohawk haircut,” Smith Schuster recalls. “He said at the time, & lsquo; you can sign on my helmet it & rsquo;? My response is, & lsquo;? What helmet you’re talking about & rsquo;? I signed on his head, really head, which everything was sharp. I think next week he will not wash your hair. “

Foster is still unable to determine if this week can playThis week, Houston Texas ran to Aliban-Foster, participated in team training on Wednesday, but absent all of the training. Texas officially listed Foster as “doubt”, Bill O & RSquo; Brien, said that the team will make a final decision before the game, and can’t confirm whether he can play.

Smith Schuster because of his performance and his affinity for the Steelers is one of the most popular players, has now become the number one Steelers wide receiver he had been repeatedly interacted with the fans.

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