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Bill running to McKay due to pedicure with a training on Thursday

Bill needs more patience to Runwah Shane-McCoy, and the eye-catching Billman war will come in a few days, but McCoojo leaves due to foot pain due on Thursday. Training.

Ma Shaen – Linqi appeared on the Warrior parade

Jinzhou Warriors have the opportunity to visit the championship in Auckland, but we also saw familiar figure on the bus, such as Marshawn Lynch (MARSHAWN LYNCH).

Lynch grows in Auckland for him, Auckland is the same as the home. Previously, Lin Qi may choose to retire, returning to Oakland’s hometown to engage in charity, it can be seen that he is deep in this city.

On the one day of the Bronte, the patriots have cut off the third grade Run Tayele-Gavny (Tyler Gaffney). Bronte missed the last four regular sessions and playoffs due to bones in the hips last season. This injury does not require surgery. Lobport reported that Brunt should be ready to participate in team organization training.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that this old will run a contract for a 1 year worth $ 2 million in a one-year worth 2 million. This contract consists of $ 760,000 in basic salary, $ 100,000 signature bonus, $ 100,000 of award bonus and $ 1 million bonus.

In 2018, Sodel signed a 4-year $ 64 million contract with the giants, followed by the 2013, 2018 season. Last season, the giant used the first round of the first round of Andrew Thomas, which gradually entered the position of the first left cut.

“He feels (foot) is very painful, so we will send him back to rest”, the Bill Teach Rex Ryan said on Thursday. McCoo’s foot pain began to play him from the preseason. In the first week of Bill 27 more than 14, the foot pain made McCooe feel uncomfortable, in the battle of Indianapolis. He only won 41 yards in 17 times. Ryan hopes that McCay Thursday training will not last until Sunday, Karlos Williams is Buffalo’s current Runaway, and the performance of the first week is very good, but Lien knew that he would need Maikay in the game of the Super Bowl Championship on Sunday.

“I think he has achieved great progress,” “Kelly said in an interview. “I am proud of him to deal with each thing. I think his leadership is something that the team has been looking for, and they finally found & mdash; & mdash; a quadrant joined the team and change them It became his team & mdash; & mdash; Yash failed to show this. I think he only needs to improve the place in & mdash; & mdash; his sports ability is very good, I think sometimes he withdraws the ball after he When I found that it couldn’t pass the target of the head. He relied on his own exercise ability when there was no chance to pass the opportunity right away. If he can continue to make progress, I think he will find that there will be an opportunity to complete a bigger code. The advantage is that we have a four-point guard with a sports ability, he can rely on your legs to complete the attack. “

Brunt, Brare, a free player market, is clearly unattended, but he is always suitable for the attack of the patriot. Last season, Bront, 165 shots, gave 703 yards 6 times. If he can get an opportunity to get an opportunity, he will expect him to get a number of mushrooms similar to last season.

When Williams would replace McKay’s starting position, Ryan said: “I don’t even want to think about it … Just as I said, Wholesale jerseys I have not made a decision to give up Maiku. “The foot injury usually needs to rest and treat it with cautious, otherwise it will not improve, but Bill is also carefully considered for the tickets for their playoffs. Relax, Bill Fine & Mdash; & mdash; Maiku Yelen will play, but will not play 100%.

Due to new crown epidemics, Sodier chooses to exit season last season, Sodell himself has cancer history, and the son is also struggling with cancer. Sodell and the giants still have not discussed future issues. Sodell is a new crown high risk group, and the contract is delayed.

In fact, there are also opponents for this speech, although it has been speaking that the brain oscillate for the influence of human body, but when people have no encounter, who will care about these physical conditions? Maybe this is Trump’s power, and his unique speech can always find his supporters.

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