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Similarly, if sure members of the French military staged a coup and deported every immigrant (much more unlikely), France’s ongoing decrepitude would proceed apace. So lengthy as French citizens rely upon their authorities for every thing and see little reason to start their very own businesses, be their very own bosses, and compete for customers, nothing will change. Immigrants didn’t kill their nation; the welfare state did.

Less measurable however extra profound is the impact that France’s welfare state has had on its tradition. “Entrepreneur” could also be a French phrase, however it’s an completely overseas concept to most Frenchmen. Most of them now depend heavily on the state for the whole lot, together with snug employment. And in the event that they don’t receive a sure profit from the state, they may strike and protest at a moment’s notice. Most of them couldn’t care much less that this angle ruins their economy, bankrupts their government, and makes everyone poorer in the long term. If it’s a choice between social advantages and their country’s properly-being, the former at all times wins.

This is a photo of the women in France. Although they’re nonetheless using prostitution as their gateway to cash, they need to do it in a discrete manner due to the new penalties. They put on common clothes apposed to “prostitution put on” and put on masks so their faces can’t be identified.

This version of intellectual publication Esprit is a veritable treasure trove of sources and knowledge. It is comprised of over dozen articles, including: “An introduction to the foreigners in France,” “French Immigration Policy,” “Literacy,” “In Marseille” and “Conversation with a Syndicalist.” The particular situation also provides profiles of various immigrant teams, site ( resembling “Here, we wait,” “The Portuguese,” “Blacks in France,” and “A Ukranian in Paris.” If the reader had been to ask me which supply he ought to consult if he may solely read one from my research guide, I would advise to learn this situation of Esprit. The sequence of articles printed offer profound, broadly encompassing insight on the state of immigration in France in April 1966.

The only discussion, then, is whether or not a particular set of circumstances is critical enough for a pandemic border response to be enacted. Clearly there are various in France who assume they’re at this level. And that raises an necessary query over what is a more critical challenge to the long-term safety of France: the Covid pandemic or the continued divisions and security considerations introduced on by excessive levels of immigration?

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