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McAn ‘s injury means that the Subtock 4-point guardian-Manzie is the first in training. However, at the same time, while being prepared in Memag, his field wind wave has nothing to do, NFL broke the newspaper Ian Rapople reported that Manzel on October 12th high-speed road and women A friend’s accident has seen Nfl Jerseys investigators on Wednesday.

Piteson said: “It is obvious, I don’t like this transaction. I feel Trent is the best offensive front line member in the game. I know his ability, I also have seen him play. I originally hope that he and red The things between the skin have a good ending, but I am also happy now. We have a good friend in high school, as long as he is happy, everything is fine. “

Boulding joined by the current Gordon – Tate (Golden Tate), Malvern – Jones (Marvin Jones), T.J Jones (T.J. Jones) and Jeremy – Keer Li (Jeremy Kerley) led the wide receiver position. Boulding completed last season made 69 catches for 789 yards four touchdowns.

The complaints between Trent Williams and Hongdi have been long, but Potson said in an interview that they all have Williams will return to continue playing before the transaction is officially put. hope.

Gatman said: “Many fans are watching 2007, the 2011 Champion team grew up, then the team often uses four people to apply. This is the ultimate goal, can’t change, no matter who is important. Take the killing, but the whole team finally completed how many times, how much is the four-point sanctuary. This is also related to the system. We have nothing to don’t have a show & hellip; & hellip; who doesn’t want two kills each year What is the defensive end? But we have not currently established a system on the existing basis. “

The giant lunar season uses the team label for Leonard Williams, also gives James Bradberry, an annual salary of 14 million US dollars, inner line Wend-Martin Blake Martinez also received a annual salary of $ 10 million contract.

Peterson’s next season’s mission may not be like last year (211 times, 898 yards, 5 times), because now the red skin of Derrius Guice, Antonio- Antonio Gibson, Bryce Love, Penton Barber, Josh Ferguson and JD McKissic.

La Potter also said, although this survey occurred, Cleveland almost impossible to let Manze be played. Brown has experienced two-game losing, and the record came to 2 wins and 5 losses, the third place in the United States.

In theory, Gonzalez has the opportunity to make a place in the front programs in the official game, they will look at the members & mdash; & mdash; such as Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson will not See also high.

Ankan veteran took over the outside – Boulding joined LionsAnkan – Boulding (Anquan Boldin) not stay too long in the free agent market, especially with so many teams out difficult position to take over the case of reinforcing the lineup depth.

Brown four-point Wei Maikane is difficult to survey, Manze is investigated Cleveland Brown is going to fight against Arizona in the 8th week of Josh McCown. This old quarter-breakfast was injured in the game on Sundi Louis ram, did not participate in Wednesday training. Brown coach Mike Mike Pettine told reporters that McAn is now difficult to continue to participate in training.

The giant free market is also available online Wei Keller – Kyler FACKRELL. Dave Gettleman did not contract to Jade, Clowney, and did not retain the rushing hand of Markus Golden last season. The reason is that Gatman adheres to “over-investment”.

Boulding about to enter his first 14 seasons, his performance is surprisingly stable, every season he played most of the offensive. In addition to the 2007 season, Boulding in each season can have a quarterback to throw him the ball more than 100 times. In the 34 and 35-year-old season, he completed a total of 237 catches for 3030 yards made 16 touchdowns.

Ultimately, Detroit Lions touched him. Boulding on his Twitter account announced: “This season, I’m excited to announce my choice for the Lions to play with Caldwell and coach (Jim Caldwell) reunited for another season the Lions are a good. young team, I hope to help lead the team back to the playoffs and the championship as a target for my new fans in Detroit. “

In the offseason the Lions have been trying to make up outside the former star wide receiver Calvin – Johnson (Calvin Johnson) losses caused by retirement, this may be the last step of their actions, but there will be the most rapid results.

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