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In the previous preseason, he passed the ball 431 yards, and the success rate of passing the ball was 80.4%, and the passenger Rating 124.7, and the 3-time Dali and 1 Co-Co-Co. Obviously, Bill is very satisfied with Peterman’s current performance. They traded four-point AJ-McCarron in the last weekend to the raid people in exchange for 2019.

Jaguist player: female referee, male players are hypeJacksonville America’s Defensive Diffuse Sen Delik Marx (Derrick Marks) Recently About Michael Sam and Female Reward Marshara – Thomas Marsh Marsh Tomas may make him in the league friend less.

McCaron said: “You need to enjoy the pressure, which will make you more good, make the real player glow. When Tom Brady has been facing the same situation,” actual On, it is much better than Braddy, McAllen faces much better. In the 2001 season, the new England patriot two successfully defeated, and Braddy became a first. The current tiger is already 10 wins and 3 losses. They still have a lot of possibilities that may win the Champions in the United States.

Pony offensive cut off: surgery will let Claien into troubleJADEVEON CLOWNEY has confirmed that it will take 9 months due to knee surgery. Before this week, the Indianapolis Triadou Gosder Cherilus said that Crawni even wounded, and it is also very likely to fall into long-term struggle. Cherlus has experienced the same injuries. As an experience, his words have a certain reference value.

Cherlus said: “He is now in trouble now. His match is high, which will become the main problem in the future. I have experienced the same injury, but I am a offensive front line. Players, our roles have a different need for each body. He will fall into the predicament, I really. “

McCaron: Braddy has faced the same situationAndy Dalton’s injury made AJ McCarron a first four-point guard of Cincinnati’s next week. Mamando, Marvin Lewis, believes that Dalton’s injury is not reimbursed in season, and also expresses support for McCarren.

In the game competition of 17-31 lost to the Baltimore Crow, the first single game passed through the first single game of Haskins. His passage (45 times), completed (32 times), code number (314 yards) and pass success rate (71.1%, at least 20 times pass) have achieved a new career.

The second round of drafts have recently elaborated their ideas with TMZ radio reporters: “You know Sam’s things, if he is not gay, he may not be selected, replaced, the alliance chose him Because this is a phenomenon, the same reason is also established on the female referee, which is a good opportunity to improve the knowledge of public opinion. “

The excellent passage of Haskins made him feel amazing, and he did lend the new offensive group of Washington to have excellent play, but it was obvious that these positive factors were not enough to get more opportunities.

That too much, Haskins will only keep watching the ball you see at the beginning, or let the opponent’s defensive group to find the object, or when he finally looks for other balls, it has missed the timing. His footsteps sometimes messy, which makes him pass the ball. In the four games, Haskins passed the 939 yards, won 4 times, there were 3 passes to be copied, and he was killed 13 times.

This decision has come very quickly. In the first round of the first round, Haskins, who was selected in 2 seasons, was only ranked 11 games. Even if Haskins has 3 passes in the third week of the game, Riviera also said that he would adhere to him first.

Rivila chose Allen, who came to Washington, who came to Washington. After the deal got Alan, Rivira gave him a high degree of evaluation. In this year’s rest, Allen can always say that Allen can start in Washington. At that time, most people think this is just to motivate Haskins. However, after 4 games in the season, Allen really got the first opportunity.

“When I heard the declaration, I really looked up because I have been working hard and I can know where I will go. I know which opponents I will face in the future,” Galt on Thursday, ESPN Express. “It is time to continue to work hard to let me be prepared to face the best player.”

When Texas came to Crawni, he expect him to defeat Cherus in the next few years, put pressure on Andrew Lucks. But now, Claien’s goal should first be rehabilled Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China injuries. Cherlus provides some experience: “He must wait until complete recovery, must be complete. At that time, the doctor told me that I could rehabilitate after 12 months, but I decided to play after 9 months. The results prove that this is A wrong decision, I have to rest for 6 weeks. You must think about your career, you must learn to communicate with the team, think about yourself. But no matter how it said, this is really difficult. “

The difficulty of now is coming: Help change a fate of a seasons team since the first day of the 1995 New Year. At that time, Gret did not even have born, but he plans to help Brown won the next playoff.

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