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The Chief of Kansas City, at last week, I lost the Auckland raid, swallow the bitterness of the two losses. They urgently need a victory to defend the advantages of the top of the United Jione West. This season, the results of the seastern seastern source originated from the team offensive groups, the first is a rookie run Wei Karim-Hunter, currently in the number of mosquies (717) and mix code (1002) The data leads the entire alliance. He also became the only one in the history of NFL. In the top 7 games in the career, it can get at least 100 yards of the number of mixed codes; it is also the first place after the successor Rominal Run. Get at least 1000 yards of a mixed code number in the first 7 games. Another player is a quadruple Alex-Smith. He ranked first with the leader of 120.5 passed, the success rate of 72.4, “short biography” finally ushered in the spring of career, this season He has passed the 15th pass to the leader to reachable and no 1 time. He is also the only player who has contributed at least 1 time in the top 7 games in the top 7 games in NFL, in the 1960 season. . Faced with the strong defensive second line of wild horses, I don’t know if Smith continues this legendary record.

Connee will share the mission with Chase Edmonds. He said: “In my opinion, Zai Sus is not able to, but I believe that I am not able to. His bullet, speed, The ball is fierce. The spirit is good as I am like me. We will work together. “

Connered: “I am looking forward to changing. I don’t mean I want to leave (front East), & hellip; & hellip; but I think this is a chance to grow, I can leave my hometown, meet new friends, see the world’s different faces This is a new experience for me, I am also very expected. I feel that I will grow up. “

For the four years of the Pittsburgh, Connee first tried the water free market, and the first team visited the squad. The potential of the rickets and the sufficient offensive opportunities in the backfinder attracted Cona and let him decide to sign it here.

We can understand why Bris is angry with such rumors, but we have to admit that he is 35 years old. Every Saint fans hope that Bris can play another 10 years, but the fact is that he is going old. The new England patriots are always looking for Tom Brady, Denver Muslim is also committed to cultivating BROCK OSWEILER. This is the case between Green Bay packaging, and they let Alon Rodgers perfectly take a Brett Favre. To find a young man like Bris, it is not easy. In this regard, the saints do need to speed up the footsteps.

Denver’s Wild Mass season is flat, and only 3 wins and 3 losses have been achieved. The seating season turned from the wild horses running Giamal Charles to face their old people in their own. Charles in the Chief Length of 9 seasons is still the first running guard in the history of the chief. The wild horse defensive group leader outside Yau Feng – Miller has achieved 8 kills in the past six games in the past, since the entry of the Alliance in 2011, Miller has achieved 80.5 killing, in this period of time Top of the list. Miller, who was in the civil war, killed the enemy, will not stop his footsteps, he will also be another challenge in Smith in this game.

For pony fans, this is only another example of the disaster performance during the team in Griffs. Chris Ballard, Chris Ballard, has been cut off Jones, Line Guide Squate Jackson (D & # 39; QWELL Jackson), Patrick Robinson and traded nearby Dwayne Allen.

Affected by thunderstorm weather, after delayed 35 minutes (& mdash; Beijing time on September 7 early 9:05, local time September 6th, 9: 05, 2018 season cheap nfl jerseys from china regular season official started! The super bowl of Championship last season, Philadelphia, the main Lincoln Financial Field, encountered Atlanta’s challenge. Last season, the Falcon was fell off at the foot of the eagle in this stadium, and the latter was promoted to the national contest and even the super bowl of champion. Because of this, this unveiled battle in the 2018 season is also a fight against falcon.

[Event Prevent] Regular Tournament Eightweet Monday Night Musk @ EmiratesThe eight-week pressure axis competition in the regular season will be carried out in the old opponents in the Melanie District, the Chief of Kansas City will take the town arrow court to visit the Danfo wild horse, the civil war has always dominant, can it endless, defend the United States The status of the West District, we will wait and see.

Sea Eagle Trading Gets Safety Sky MacreSeattle Hawks’ Safety Deeper Deemed by Kam Chancellor Refused to appear, so the team has recently actively seeks the transaction in this location. The local time Saturday, the Hawks finally gave up, the team announced that the Chief of Kansas City was safe and Kelcie Mccray. According to the NFL official website reporter, the Hawow eagle paid a 5-round selection as a trading code.

When I was interview this week, Brisbed himself talked about this question: “I have heard, but this statement is unfounded. Many times the reporter is like this, they need to write something to make themselves, just the authenticity of the content Dare to compliment. I don’t know where they get news, they always make a decision earlier than the team. “

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