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Saint team has been investigatedLast week, the New Orleans saints cut offline Todd Davis, and the Denver Manga team took him away. When the wild horse tried to contact Davis, they found that Davis still in the training camp of the Saint team, this has violated NFL rules.

“No new news,” Pedon said. “I am eating Beifu. I hope that I am still chewing slowly when you ask questions.” Although Pelton is detailed, Pelton is in detail, “very Difficult to buy “steamed poppy seed foot fruit with milk oil cheese.

Front Occupational Bowl Drinkhari – Evans Jie EagleSeattle Hawks announced that the team has announced the team on Saturday afternoon. It has been signed with the old style penetry – Evans (Jahri Evans). The old aged 33 years old will have been former 10 years for the New Orleans, and have been selected for 6 professional bowls, and 4 times in the first lineup of the Associated Press. However, his state has a significant decline in the past few seasons. In the past two years, it is more troublesome, this year’s break, because he is retired by Saints because of rejecting the salary, becomes a free player.

Jones Falcons overtime victory over the Washington Redskins in the game played in 80 of 73 offensive stalls stalls, completed in 10 times he was the target of five passes in the 67-yards. There is doubt as to whether the Falcons will limit his playing time before the game. When Jones plagued by injuries the past two weeks the number of yards the ball are limited to 70 yards or less, while the first three games of the season he can catch every game over 135 yards. Jones this season is difficult for the opponent’s defensive nightmare, he finished top of the league has made 43 catches for 545 yards four touchdowns.

Falcons wide receiver Jones is expected to be played in the next gameAtlanta Falcons coach Dan – Quinn (Dan Quinn) for wide receiver Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) played Thursday night race of the possibility of the New Orleans Saints still optimistic.

Evans’s arrival will bring a certain reinforcement to the weak sea eagle attack, and also bring valuable experience to these young people. Evans has had 153 first experience, and all the other offensive front line players of the Hawks have only 136 times. The weakness of the offensive front is a difficult problem of the Hawks, and as the focus begins to offset to Russell Wilson, the responsibility of Tom Cable will be exceptional. .

Elays Manning hopes to become the highest income playerBen Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers have renewed, as the team’s renewal, as another quadrant of the 2004, New York Giants, core Ilai Manning (ELI Manning also hopes to sign a big contract.

Obviously, the Saint team is hoping that Davis has changed to the free player after the freezing period of the cut, so they can sign into the training lineup, so it is reported that the Saint team is like training other players in training David. S, even after Davis was taken away by the wild horse.

Manning’s team firmly believes that Manning is the most suitable for giants, he can stay calm down on the game, this qualification is fitted with the needs of the giant. On the other hand, if the giant decides to use the privilege label in Manning in 2016, they will pay at least $ 25 million. Rivers’ latest contract has a certain reference value, and the next negotiations will be progressing in this direction.

According to NFL official website reporters, the giants hope to agree with Manning before the beginning of the season, but the current two sides still have a small difference in contractual amounts. According to reports, both sides will not be retired, Manning hopes that they can become the highest income in the alliance. At present, in the alliance, the highest income is the four-dimensional Aaron Rodgers. Manning is not one of the best five quarters in the alliance, so his request is indeed unconventional.

In the game competition in the 49 people defeated San Francisco, Jameis Winston replaced Brisen in the second half, and Taysom Hill also gained more opportunities, especially in three Document and mushroom attack. Pelton may also use a similar internet site arrangement in the next game, or may make Hill’s first, theoretically, theoretical is the quarter of the team.

The four-point Weiberis at least the 2 weeks of Saints have not been determined for alternatives.On the occasion of the Erlife Atlantian Founding, New Orleans, Saint Coats, who will hold a clear answer for who will serve as the first quarter-saving.

Saints can disclose the first quarter-off candidate before the start of the game. Prior to that, Pelton may continue to tactically designed tactics for two distinctive four-dimensional design and have always guess falcon.

Nike Patriots #29 LeGarrette Blount Red Alternate Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL Elite JerseyThe face of poor performance this season, the Saints defensive group, if they can not be subject to restrictions hamstring injury, then Jones will probably play well. If Jones still affected, Leonard – Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) and Roddy – White (Roddy White) will share his role.

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