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Super Dan Marino, became the second high player of the first five seasons, Winston has also become the number of cards (86 times), 3 + copies ( 11) The most players. The external connections are also exhausted, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are absent, Breshad Perriman, Oj Howard (Oj Howard) ) And Justin Watson and other people to help Winston completed 300 yards.

“Today is not good enough,” Manning told the giant official website after the end of the first half. “I don’t worry now, but we know that you have to become better. We have to have a better performance. We have to have better execution and start to complete offense.”

“This performance does not come true. We didn’t complete a lot of offensive. Such performance is disappointing, but we will continue to work, it is all we can do.” Cabin said. “Attacks no effect. From this point of view, we have no place, this is disappointing.”

Since multiple NFL players and team employees are diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, the player’s medical supervisor recommended players stop privately organized training before the training camp. The patients who have confirmed patients include pirate team bases.

Dalton career has led the team to enter the playoffs but did not taste it. He passed 3398 yards this season. He passed the 19-time array and 17 times of copying. The pass success rate is 64.1% is a career. Highest.

Although the pony is dragging the game in the next half, the incomplete offensive group is also affected by Andrew Lucks to a certain extent. Left off-off, Anthony Castonzo, cheap Jerseys close-up, Doyle, is absent, and take over Ty Hilton completed 4 games to advance 115 yards, but then the chest and Legs are injured, Rock has to find new offensive pathways.

At present, the pirate plan continues to let Wenston serve as the first quarter-break, he himself said: “My primary goal is to reduce the number of ball transformations. As long as I can do this, I can become an excellent quarter.”

This 34-31 plus time winning pony has ended the Territory 9-winning streak record, the four-point guards Shan Watson (Deson Watson) and the defensive end JJ Watt (JJ Watt) are responsible The aspect is quite building a tree, helping the team eventually win.

Eli Manning passed a success of 7 times. The giant start off attack group Average each attack is only 1.8 yards, and the 48 yards are promoted. They successfully achieved 5 first attacks, but three of them were made by the fourth penalty of the pony defensive group.

Last year, the knee in front of the knee is in the past, and the Watssen has completed 29 times, and the 375 yards were promoted, and 2 reached, and they were copied. Watt completed 2 kills, twice forced the ball, one of which was taken by Jadeveon Clowney, and completed back to reach.

Dalongers enters professional bowlsThe tiger team went to the four-point guardian Dalton to play the second time, he will serve as the instead of Aaron Rodgers injured by the calf. He is the fourth player in the tiger’s array this year’s professional bowl. The other three are the outer handle AJ-Green, defended the sickman Kino – Artfuls, abandoned Kemin Hubo.

Expressing slurry giants, starting offensive groups still need to improveGiants took 27 points in the fourth quarter of the preseason of the local time, incredibly, and the performance of the Indianapolis horses were not confused. The performance of the Indianapolis horses were not the attention of this night. This part of course is a bad performance of the offensive group after the conversion of giants. In fact, their performance is bad.

Lak 62 times of passing 40 times, advanced 464 yards, and achieved 4 reaches. In 27 seconds left in the game, the horses are in the 43 yards of this part, but the head of Frank Reich may not like the order, so choose in 4 & amp; This tactics originally scheduled to connect to Hilton, but because Hilton retired, Pony can only let Chastron Rogers are dead, and the 4-speed conversion is unable to succeed. The Texas finally won the opportunity of 37 yards any free game, although the first shot is not in the middle, but the pony is preemptive, and I caught a frozen kick hand. Subsequently, Ka Misquo; IMI Fairbairn did not waste the opportunity, and kill the game in any kick.

Rogers suffered from the corners of the legs in the past months, and the mobile is limited. Breddy, Wilson is absent because of the superb bowl, Damanning, Big Ben, Rivers, due to high healing, Vlaco is exited by his wife. So Dalton and Bris, Stafford, Matt Ryani four-point guards will be replaced.

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