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At present, Katler’s injury has not been known. At the beginning of this season, Katler has missed 5 games because of his finger injury, Brian Hoyer, has replaced him as the first, but in the 7th week. Hoyel arm fracture.

Wilke is considering whether to choose to retirePEYTON Manning is not just Denver Mangma only considering the players who have a future of NFL careers, and now Vis Wes Welker has not made a decision.

Wilke completed 122 codes in the two seasons of the wild horse to advance 1242 yards and Rumahquran`s latest blog post 12 reachaes. His total number of spheres fell from 73 in 2013 to 49 in 2014, and this season only completed 2 reaches. And his biggest problem is that the brain shock has always plagued him.

Gruden said: “I think we should be particularly concerned about the team’s situation in third gear the next game either left in the game 2 minutes, or early in the game; no matter the ball in our half-court, or has entered. opponents red zone. this is what we need to improve. “in any case this is the NFL, and perhaps eventually the Redskins will end the season 5 wins and 11 losses, but they must believe that they could have scored 12 wins.

Hoyell: There is no doubt that there is a first opportunity next season.Brian Hoyer is a quadrant. The four defense will receive a lot of attention & mdash; & mdash; especially the four-point guards that will become free players.

“First, in this regard, he is ready to train,” Danatel said when it was said. “He has run with full speed. He will be prepared to participate in training at the beginning of the training camp. He is fully ready.”

Red skin coach: Titan has never provided me to meThis week, Titan Titan will be a guest Washington challenge the red skin, and the media will once again mentioned that Titan, Titan in January this year, did all kinds of decisions when they were handsome. After Titan Solitary Mike Mile Munchak, the team received 4 candidates, the first one of them participated in the interview was the former Cincinnati Mason’s Offense Coordinator Jay Gruden.

In the rookie season, the excellent rushing hand Bradley – Bradley Chubb was lacking in the top of the knee, the torn tear was absent 12 games. Bryce Callahan, who was joined in the team in last year, has never been seen before the old wounded.

Wild Hemoching Hand Chambra and Corner Kara Han can participate in trainingDenver Mangma introduced new aid to the defensive group during the offset period, but some excellent players returned from injuries to make the team have a better prospect.

“He is very suitable for us,” Dontel said. “He played out in all aspects. He has stable in all aspects. He has a lot of skill. But this is a player who will play a good time for Denver wild horse; because of injury, we have not seen him last season. Sufficient excellent performance. “

Hoyell revealed that the scandal of the management of the manager in the Brown Intervention Coach Group may affect his future decision, he also said that he can see the front Brown offensive coordinator of Atlantan Falcon Effectiveness Kyle. Kyle Shanahan is not happy. “… I have to say that I didn’t pay attention, then I am lying,” Hoyel said.

The Cleveland Brown quartz Six-shift Saturday broadcast show. In the case of a four-point guardian of the team’s choice, although it is taking a replacement due to poor performance in the last season, the 29-year-old four-point guard may be taken here. The game will be related to any lack of four-defense team.

1997 Grunette first took over the coach, at the time, he became an offensive coordinator for the Sudden Rugby Alliance. In 2002, he joined Tampawan pirates as an offensive coach assistant. After seven years, he left NFL to continue to study. Until 2011, the Tiger team gave him a new opportunity. His performance helped him have a chance to become a head coach after three years. Of course, there is a major part of the coaches that become Hongki lies in the relationship between him and the Red Leather Manager Bruce Allen. If this is not, Ken Whisenhunt may also become a coach of Titan.

Local time on Wednesday, Grunette recalled the situation at the time, he said: “I am very interested in this work, but then Washington found me. After a night of interview, I will fly directly. Washington, they immediately provided me for me. “Titan finally failed to provide contracts to Grobe, because they must also interview other three coaching candidates.

When being asked, if you may continue to stay in Brown, Hoyel’s answer is “all options are possible.” Hoyel later said his broker and Brown had “very short” consultation. General Manager Ray Farmer has never promised to give Hoyell’s price higher than the price of the four-point guard, so this old quarter-saving may test water before further negotiation with Brown Free player market.

Gruden said in an interview with the media: “When we have those games you look back at the past, you will find our chance to win this more now we only scored three wins, but lost the game some very. close. If we did get the chance, perhaps now record will be 8-2, but this is the NFL. “

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