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Sixth Weight Prospect: Kansas City Chief VS BuffaloTwo this season opened a good team & mdash; & mdash; Kansas City chief and Buffalo Boren will catch killing, and are affected by new championships, this game is delayed to the local time on Monday evening. In the fifth week, the two teams unexpectedly eat the first defeat of the season, which made this game have proven that they can recover from the failure.

In order to reinvigify the position of the running guard, the lion selection the second round of the University of Georgia in the second round of this year’s selection of Double threats from Georgia – Swift (D & # 39; Andre Swift).

Following the DERRICK Guice, after the first preseason, the two-year running Weava Maje, the Samaje Perine, which was put into the 30 yards. Field. However, the main coach Jay Gruden believes that the injury has little impact.

In the past two seasons, whenever Johnson is injured, the lion is poor. After Swift joins, the lion offensive group has two outstanding players to make the opponent misses, and can advance many of the numbers in the open band.

Steelman’s defensive general is absent cheap Nfl Jerseys from china the injury The Pittsburgh Stebers’ Safe Troy Polamalu and Ryan Shazier have been hurt, and this Sunday is not possible to match the New York Jet Machine. Play.

The proximal edue has completed the surgery of sports hermes on Tuesday morning, the Viking team will return to him as soon as possible, therefore does not intend to put in short-term injury reserves. Those earlier this week, this week, he revealed that the six weeks were absent after Luogfu surgery, but if he put him in a short-term injury reserve list, he can only return to the training after six weeks before the eight weeks. Play. Qi Shi said: “This possibilities are large, but unless we get a bad news, we look forward to Rudolph to recover as soon as possible.”

Swifts have been over thousands of modds in two consecutive seasons during the college, and he can contribute to the rush of the lion and the attack on the attack and have the ability to rush into the end area when holding the ball.

However, good news is that the Steel People’s Sunday is facing the jet offset team that does not have made this season, and if you want to threaten the defensive defense of the steel people, then Michael Vick and Percy – Har Percy Harvin may also be re-staged last week.

If the Viking team does not put Lu Dolph in the short-term injury reserve list, it means that only 52 players can participate before the most valuable players in this professional bowl; if they put in short-term injury reserves, It means that Rudolph is the earliest to win the Green Bay packaging team on November 23 to go to the field. But when the offensive array is unfortunately, this is worthy of Viking, so that Rudolph can play as soon as possible.

“He is a phenomenon-level player,” Johnson said. “I remember to have a mistake at the university. I hate to him, every time I do. We also have a Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, I tell you, When he walked on the court, he was as fast as lightning. Every time he holds the ball, it has the ability to advance 80 yards, 70, 60 yards. “

Two offensive teams have confrontation, the two teams of defensive groups will naturally face a daunting task. Have an external handle Stefon Digs, John Brown, Gabriel Davis and Cole Beasley and often use “None The bacole player offensive firing “Bill has a powerful vertical offensive firepower, and the Bill’s shock attack will occupy the advantage when the officers are slower than the slower speed. The Emirates defensive group was poor when the game is facing the vertical strike of Las Vegas raid. Moreover, it may also be invalid when dealing with the “non-reanpecium offensive firing” in the face of Allen, which is facing mobile capabilities. In addition, Bill has a three-speed offensive conversion rate of one of the best in the alliance, and the chief need to complete the intervention at such a critical moment. The main dependency area defensive Bill may just hit the weakness of the Chief Offense Group & Mdash; & mdash; Mahms and the Emirates Inflatability is not stable during the face of regional defense. But after the defenders of the break, Bill’s pass shock performance is not excellent. In general, the Bill Defensive Group Ranking League 19th, the average defense allows the opponent to advance 5.8 yards, and it is also in the downstream of the Alliance. Fortunately, the key player of the defensive group & mdash; & mdash; line Weavimat – Matt Milano, Corgent Radarvius – White (TRE & # 39; Davious White) and Line Wendreme – Tremunds is expected to come.

When the lion picks Kerryon Johnson in the second round of the 2018 draft, they feel that they find some people who can end this decline. But the injury has made Johnson only played 18 games in the past two seasons. In 2018, he got 641 yards, and he got 403 yards last season.

In Whitney Mercilus is still in the peak, Watt Return and Claili will continue to play in the next two seasons, the Dezhou’s defensive group has reached the stage of the playoffs and should be able to be Danfo Yam The name of the best defensive group of the Competition.

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