The English Are Folks Of Honour

Probably the most excessive-profile demonstration in current weeks got here in the form of Michel Barnier. The Frenchman turned 70 in January, a milestone which precludes him from taking over one other job in the European Commission. And maybe because of this, site ( he’s now eyeing up a run for the French Presidency.

Political Advisor to Marine Le Pen Jean Messiha: As said by Marine Le Pen, we are not hostile in precept to immigration. We must always look at the circumstances of France, and try to adapt the rate of immigration to the nation’s monetary, economy, and cultural capabilities. We’ve got minority communities of previous immigrants whom we still have not managed to combine into the French nation. We’re unable to show them into French citizens [who establish] with French tradition. A few of them even search [cultural] independence to some extent.

To a large extent, the way forward for the EU is at stake on this reframing of the migration concern. While the current tensions between member states stemmed from their inability to anticipate the scenario in Syria and in international locations like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, additionally they show, above all, that the stances adopted by different European countries are incompatible. Many governments, with Hungary’s Viktor Orban as their flag bearer, imagine that those who’ve entered Europe since 2015 are, for the most half, “economic migrants” who pose a risk to the cohesion and security of European nations. One among the biggest challenges ahead shall be to beat these divisions. This can be achieved in three ways.

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