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Due to the knee injury, Pitters was absent from 3 games, it was clear that the absence of this time is not caused by the injury, and the 32-year-old running guard is not injured in a critical competition. Decision.

Viking new show outside Babar also needs to continue to improve

This season (especially recent weeks) The new show of Minnesota Wei’an, Anthony Barr, to enter people’s field of view, this season, his +8.7 rating is ranked in all 4-3-yard outer wire The fifth place. Bal’s performance on the shock passed, the first-class level of the league, +7.3 score rating and 13.8% of the flushing efficiency are ranked in the second and seventh and seventh positions of the outside, and he also performs well in the anti-running run. He contributed + 3.0 anti-racing score.

Sags bamboo injury will be reimbursed

The new season of Baltimore Crow is not smooth, and in the first week, 13-19 losses of Denver’s wild horses, defensive core Trell-Sags (Trrell Suggs) left hedge injured. After the game, the team officially announced that Sags will absent all the remaining competitions of this season.

At the same time, Texas also came to another message. There is media report that the team is considering using the replacement of the four-point guards, Ryan Mallett replaces the inner Ryan Fitzpatrick. The 2 weeks of time is enough team to examine the players and make them think that the correct decision. We hope to feel their changes and progress when you re-see Dezhou people on the 11th week.

In May 2015, the Alliance issued a decision for Braddy’s ban, then Breddy appealed, July, the federal court canceled the alliance for the ban on Breddy in September, and then appealed again, the US time on Monday, the ban on the United States, this banned decision was restored by the court .

Haiying coach believes that there is a penalty in the crucial 3 files.

Al Riveron, vice president of the referee, said after Sunday night, 49 people Warner did not pass the foul. But the Haiying’s main church Pete Carroll disagree.

However, there are two main weaknesses in Barr, and the first is his own ability. There are 22 wrong mistakes in the Barbarn season. It is the most defensive players in the Alliance, and the other is to cover defensive power, Bal 5.5 Covering the defense can make the other party successfully brought the ball, and the four-point guard in his defensive area 54 times 54 times. He is also the most attacked in the Viking team this season.

Although it is 32 years old, Sagas is still the top of the league, and he is injured in a confrontation in Section 4. In the 2012 season, Sags was injured in the right foot during the ranch. The team specially emphasized that this injury was not old injury. This old man who has entered a career is now injured and hurt, and it will be unclear in the future.

Although the crow lost Sags, the team still saw some positive factors in this week. The team showed a total of four-point guards, a total of 4 times, Peyton Manning, controlling the number of mammonary propulsion code to 3.2 yards. Since 2003, a total of 6 people have completed 100 kills, and Sags is one of them. The team needs more dependence on the future of Elvis Dumervil and Courtney Upshaw.

Li Fulong said after the game: “We were looking back in New York, well .NBC angle lens to show the entire route is clear, based on what we’ve seen, this is not enough to stop the game but we really back. I saw it. We see the offensive player first contact defensive player & mdash; & mdash; no action is enough to affect the other’s action, causing fouls. After defenders, try to support themselves, and then contact the offensive player. Similarly, there is no action is enough to affect the other person action Resulting in fouls. “

During this year’s break, the team star defensive end of Jarry Allen (Jared Allen) far away Chicago, Viking in the election conference to choose the University of the Lord 3-4 Outer Wide Guardian Anthony – Bal is to fill A The location of Lun, but from the actual situation of this season, Balli is more than traditional 4-3 outline guards, occasionally participating in the raid. Bal is satisfied with his best in his best, but as a 4-3 outer wire guard is not enough, Cheap nfl jerseys from china Bal also needs more time to adapt to his new location.

At that time, there were 15 yards left, and the Hawks hit 3 files at the top 6 yard lines of the end zone. Russell Wilson passed the close-up in the end of the end, passed on Jacob Hollister, suspected that due to Warner grabbed the Hollist’s arm and did not complete. However, the referee did not punish, and the Committee did not look back in the instructions of the video. After the Wilson tried to connect Hollist, but the front dead ball in front of the terminal area, the Hawks lost to 49 people, and the National Western champion was lost.

Foster is more optimistic, it is expected to return after the court

For Houston Texas, the court is just right. According to the Nfl Jerseys official website reporter, although the team runs Alison Foster, the groin is hurt in the belly of Philadelphia Eagle, but he may not absent any game.

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