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The Seain said this month indicated that he was more confident in his own technology after training group. When the famous list of this season, Heynnor mainly played in the special group. In the preseason, the big running guard in the open area is impressive. But after the beginning of the regular season, his performance was not ideal, as a discard kicked back, he had three times to drop the ball & mdash; & mdash; including his first abandoning in the first battle of the season.

Daily 37 years old did not have any expressions for Brown criticism and their recent renewal. The only interview was in an interview during the offset period, he praised the team’s high-profile diligence rate in the training period.

Rivira evaluation says: “He is fighting, the more self-confidence, you can also get more confidence. You can see excellent, fast decisions, agile steps. The most critical is what he has learned? Protect the ball. “

The statement said: “Unfortunately, in the past, the winter Southern California has experienced a recordned precipitation. Although the drought in the region is alleviated, this precipitation causes a lot of water in the construction period, no project can be carried out in a humid state. Great postponetion period and lost valuable two months from the beginning of January. “

Bill offense is fruitless, abandoned the ball. The patriot’s three-speed 14-yard conversion failed, and the 36 yards hit by the Nick Folk. Patriot 10-3 Bill, expand the leading advantage to 1 ball right.

The two teams confirmed that the time of use of the new stadium will be postponed for a year, and they expressed the delay in the declaration of more than expected precipitation results in the delay of the construction. Originally this stadium is expected to be in use in the 2019 season, but now you can disclose it in summer 2020.

After replacing Allen’s first, the black panther has turned from the beginning of the two games, and now it is already a four consecutive victory. Allen passed the ball completion rate of 65.6%, reached 7 times, no copy. Of course, Christian McAffrey contributions are indispensable.

“Camp will continue to rehabilitate the process.” Rivira said, “& hellip; & hellip; we don’t want him to have any pressure. He is currently completely completed. He is also trying to help other quarters guard.”

The new stadium was originally held in February 2021. Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the stadium needs to be put into use before two seasons, so the new stadium needs to be licensed by the team’s boss to continue to host the Super Bowl of 2021.

After the end of the holiday, the Black Leopard was announced at the Monday Press Conference, and Kyle Allen will continue to serve as the team’s first quarter-off. They will be a guest in San Francisco to fight this week.

The four-point guard of the steel man invites attack team friends to visit homeBeijing May 18th This is a way to respond to the outside world for the team’s tacit understanding and its own leadership.

Since 49 people have been invaded by injuries, the Heynnin may also serve as a run. The team has determined Shaun Draughn to absent the game of the scene to the Detroit Lion. Before Huain entered the big list, they only were responsible for the short-code number of Wusha, Kels Gaskins and recently signed Duwang-Harris (Dujuan Harris) can serve as running guards. 49 people have reimbursed Carlos Hyde (Fas), Legie Bush (Knewa) (Mike Davis) (Herbat) & MDSH ; & mdash; Davis can return from the short-term injury reserve list in the seventeenth week.

The patriot has a four-speed 1 code to fight. Bill offensive group took the last 33 seconds to win up to Deta, although the four-point Swan Allen-Josh Allen-connected proximal Trian Knox’s 34 code was transferred to 33 codes The ball was not completed, but then the Allen 1 Code Di Don Dao Dawkins was completed. At the end of the half, Bill 10-10 patriot, the two teams returned to the same running line.

Ram Lightning New Stadium is postponed until 2020 put into useLocated in Ingquad County, California, the new stadium owned by Los Angeles Ran and Los Angeles Lightning is to postpone in 2020 to be put into use.

Pittsburgh Steelman Quarter – Roethlisberger was criticized by many front teammates in this year’s offers, but he has been silent. He recently invited the offensive group teammates to visit our lake view room in Georgia.

After opening, the patriot will attack, but Roles, REX BURKHEAD, manufactured by Jordan Poyer, the ball by another Bill player McAka-Hide (MICAH) HYDE picked up and attacked 31 yards to the Patriots half a 31 yard. Bill also took this opportunity by playing Stephen Hauschka hits 35 yards, Bill 3-0 patriots.

[Review of the event] Saturday, Saturday, Saturday: Patriot 24-17 Sheng Bill, and double 叒叕 lock US east nameThe second game in the sixteenth week is the direct dialogue between the United States and East Division and Bill’s direct dialogue. At present, the patriots lead Bill a winner. This game is raised to the US East Block.

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