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You may say that the Saint team loves their super bowl hero too long. Because the wage problem has to be taken away by players such as Will Smith, Roman Harper, and Thomas has been holding a rich salary, but he is in the attack. The proportion is decreasing with the day. Upon last season, the data of the third gear is 45 sho, 45 bolts.

Running Bell said that it will get along with the steel man’s fanThis week, the Pittsburgh steel man will be a guest New York jet, which is also the first place where the Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell will start. Although he and the old elements have played a lot of disputes due to contract issues, Bell believes that they may still be welcomed.

Bill intends to recruit four points Sam – BradfordThere is no quarter-off on the big list of Buffalo Bill. Although they have a lot of hand in hand, they don’t have a sign within the top 20, and I want to choose this year’s potential to travel.

[Pre-match] Regular Sixth Week Monday Night Pony @ TitanThe battle of the 6th week of the regular season, we will see a civil war in the United States, challenge Tennesi Toyan, challenge the Indianapolis Pony, as the enemy of the same district, Titan’s partition civil war has always been bad, and Pony has already achieved 11 consecutive victories in the history of the two teams, can this game Titan end this embarrassing partition record?

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the reliable news on Wednes, Pierre Thomas was cut off by Saints. He entered the team with an image of a free player and served as a 20-year core attack role in the team.

The Brown under the West is makes people see the potential, but they did not change the fate of the team in the performance of this season. The mistakes of Doctors finally gave him the success of Brown to a higher height.

“Probably it will be half half.” Bell guess the fans’ reaction, “I am very happy to see me again, I still like me, the other half hate me, hate me, despise me. But I will get along with everyone, if Someone wears my jersey, I will sign him, it should be very interesting. “

Bell is a steel man in 2013, not only the ball is advancing, and the ball is equally good. In the five-year career of the steel man, Belwashing pushes 5336 yards, picking up 2660 yards, averaging 129 yards, the best in the same period.

Of course, the rookie is not their only choice, and there is also a lot of quadrants worth noting in the free market. According to NFL NETWORK reporter Tom Pelissero, Bill is interested in Weizhen free players Sam Bradford. If this transaction is true, Bill can use the draft sign to take advantage of a rookie. Bradford is only a 2 game due to knee problems last season, so Bill may still need to find a replacement to prepare from time to time.

Bryant This season is only 72 times as a pass target, and the ball is 31 times, and the 401 yard is promoted. The average code is 12.9 yards, and 3 reacted. For 6 consecutive games, his number of garnish numbers is less than 70 yards. This is also the first to struggle since his rookie season. Bryant’s poor performance is also related to the quarter-saving capacity. After Tony Romo is injured, the team has never organized a valid attack.

In addition, the Dorses also cut the rotation players who can play a role, defending Darfuror-Lawrence (Devroe Lawrence) and defensive end Kris Smith (Chris Smith), in Chongguan Jenad Genard Avery could not adapt to the team’s defensive system. Due to the 2018 Safety Wei Jiemein-Wermaine Whitehead After the Titte and the fans in the ninth week of this season, Dorset was forced to cut him, but the former was packaging for Green Bay. When the work is played, it is cut off due to the game.

Cowbur announces Bryant this week Dallas Cowboy This week’s opponent will be Buffalo, but the team’s attack and defense will have important players absent. The official website of the team announced that the external hand Des-Bryant and the corner Morris Claiborne will absent this week.

The Tennessee Titan festival continuously transformed the upgrade team, but the play of the new season is a strong person, and only 2 wins and 3 losses were achieved in the top 5 weeks. In the last week’s partition civil war, to give Dezhou people with a considerable score, the main four-point Swan Marcus Mario Tower continues to be injured, and the four points of Swan Matt – Kassel Unimple, it is very embarrassing in the Titan season. Main Run Demchmaco – Murray is difficult to reach the peak of age and injury, the new season is only promoted by 273 yards, and the second grade running Guardrick – Henry has not learned how to play in the professional league Titan, playing, attacking group is greatly blocked, do not know what potential post-tricks?

Indiana Pony has no main four-point guardian Druk, the previous five weeks of 3 wins and 3 negative records are not easy, and the court is signed before the patriot four points to Jacobi – Brisett Scott Torin, which will express the poor, rushing to the bench, is in his leadership, the small horse avoids a full-negative opening office. Last week, the small horse fashion was difficult to win 49 people in San Francisco. Brisette came out of 314 yards, and took 1 time to the road surface. He became the only pass for more than 950 yards this season and had a quarter-saving of at least 3 mushrooms. The 44-year-old old will play the ball Agama – Venatiye completed a 51 yard’s winning shot in the overtime game last week. Its 24-time winning shot in the last 1 minute and the overtime game is the most in the history of cheap Nfl jerseys; its career has got 2411 points, and it is the third of NFL history. The old master uses the actual action to explain what “there is an old family, if there is a treasure.”

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