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Simling became the first code in 2009, the number of thousands of-dimensional

Adam Thielen reached a milestone of personal career and wholesale nfl jerseys online Minnesotavijing team in Thanksgiving Wars. He became the first single season, the first single season, who has passed the number of Viking, has been taken over, since Sidney Rice, Sidney Rice, since Sidney Rice.

Shetten also required 84 yards before this game, you can break the thousand code mark. He got 916 yards after the game was played, which made him the first three-game number of 900 yards cheap jerseys from china the top 10 games since the Randy Moss, 2000 and 2003. . He finally got 89 yards in the 30-23 defeat of the Detroit lion.

Siling is also the first to take over the number of Viki, the number of Viking, who has passed thousands of vicinity before the end of November.

Simlun recently is also included in each game in the past three games, and cheap jerseys he did not reach the account in the first 7 games in the season. He is currently the second hand of the total number of collars, second only to Pittsburgh steel outside the Antonio Brown, Antonio Brown.

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