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Masgrev is now responsible for led the offensive group, now they only have the attacking front line that cannot work and Broke Osweiler and may be held by Paxton Lynch by BROCK Osweiler and maybe in Paxton Lynch. Defense position.

Johnson was only played in 1 game due to wrist injuries last season. He passed the license regression training in April. In the mid-May mid-May, he once expressed his hope to break through the Qianxiang Digital in the new season. In 2016, he got a total of 2118 yards in 2016, and the ranking is the first and it has also achieved 20 times.

The raid people consider moving to San AntonioThe boss of the Auckland raid, Mark Davis seems to still do not want the team to stay in Auckland next season after missing the opportunity to move Los Angeles.

McCaffli broke through the ball last season, but the ball was just 867 yards. Former San Francisco 49 people running 卫 克雷雷 and celebrities running to Mourke completed this achievement in 1995 and 1999 respectively.

Patriot trading substitute quartz MalayterAccording to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, New England Patriots have traded back to Ryan Mallett to Houston Texas. He subsequently reported that the Patriot got a seven-round sign that can change according to the player’s last time. NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that if Marath was played more than 40% of the Temple in the season, Wholesale Jerseys this seven-round sign will change to six rounds.

Now he will try to get the opportunity to get on the Texas, and the teaching of Texas is the former Patriots Offense Coordinator Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien). There is much better situation in Texas Malete, he doesn’t have to sit after the legendary quartz. Ryan Fitzpatrick will serve as the first quarter-off of Texas at the beginning of the season, and the new Xiu Tom Savage also has the best possible. So if Maete is finally looking for a trusted quarter-saving time in Texas, there is no surprise.

Vanatiyeri is a 1996 elected show, signing with the new England patriots, and then enter the super bowl, but lost to the Green Bay packaging. This does not affect the dramadi cups they won later 2001, 2003 and 2004. Vanatiyeri also contributed a winning ball in the first two trophies.

According to the Pot Port, Dallas is also negotiated with the patriot to negotiate Malet. In order to Malete, the Dezhou people have cut off the four-point Guce-Kazakan (Case Keenum) for the team’s 8 games (all losses) last season.

The patriot has been actively selling Malet in the last year of the rookie contract. The first three-wheeled show is awesome when she serves as the first quartz, Tom Brady, and only four times have passed in 2011. The patriot hopes to show the strength of Maeite in the season, even in the first preseason, let him debut. But Maete is bad, which may thus harm your own trading value. He only conducted a 1 wave of attack in the final stage of the patriots, which is another signal that the patriot still wants to trading him.

The former Auckland Assistant Offense Coordinator Bill Musgrave will be replaced by Mc., he once served as the four-point guards of the wild horse. The wild horse will be in the next game against the raid.

“I have a lot to know what I know, but there is a goal that is definitely a thousand yards,” The Black Leopard is recently said to ESPN. “I almost done last season, I can’t succeed. Two people have done this & mdash; & mdash; Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig, there are a lot People have to become the third. There are many running guards in the league. “

Although there is no injury is good news, Johnson’s absence is curious because of the cause of the contract. Johnson, Johnson, who is about to enter the contract, is only slightly above 1.88 million US dollars. Galalo believes that Johnson and Salamar will negotiate with a certain time before the start.

The team coach Steve Wilkes refused to provide any details for Johnson’s absence. However, NFL official website reporter Mike Garafolo and Tom Pelissero reported that this absence is not related to injuries.

Last season, the four-point guardian Dru Luck (Andrew Luck) was only winning 4-12 achievements because of injury. However, Venatiyeri’s performance is not low, and his 34 free kicks have tried 29 times (hit rate 85.3%), even higher than their own career average.

Since his career twenty-two years, he won the super bowl four times (the most in playing in the hands of the game), playing 30 playoffs, scored 2487 Ranking League History, second only to Morten Anderson (2544 ).

It is reported that Davis may make the team in a new racket game in Austin and San Antonio. At present, Osding or San Antonio can provide 2.3 million American rugby fans markets for raids, which is far better than Auckland.

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