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The twelfth week of key event predecessor: Baltimore Crow vs Pittsburgh Steel ManThe highlights of the Thanksgiving War were carried out between the old Pittsburgh steel man and Baltimore Castle in the United Kingbei District. Although the context of new crown epidemics was postponed to Beijing time on November 30th at 2:15 am, it is still not the most popular competition for Thanksgiving. The steel man is the only winning team at the current alliance, but in order to fight for the season, they can’t fall light. It is not good to have a lot of time in the past, and there have been two games, and the last four games have lost 3 games. The team is currently affected by new crown epidemic, players and staff have a total of 10 people to diagnose, causing them to train. But no matter how the two teams, the difference between them is inevitably killing me.

Steel people run Williams to receive surgery to lack 2 to 3 weeksPittsburgh Steadman Deanolo – Willialo Williams This week accepted knee surgery this week, it could make him absent from 2 to 3 weeks.

The squid attack is weakened by the epidemic means that Ramar Jackson needs more to lend the team to advance the team. However, Jackson was originally passed by the passage of the disease and did not make much progress in this season. In the 10 game, he passed the 1948 yards 15 times to the 6 times the pass, the pass success rate was 63.4%, phase Declined from 66.1% from the season. He obtained 62.3 points in the QBR score of ESPN, ranked 23rd. And the steel person’s pass defense is one of the biggest highlights this season. Steelman allows the opponent to advance 205.3 yards this season, and is the third less than the league, and the four-point guards 71.8 are the minimum alliance. In addition, the steel man passed the 38th kill this season, 99 hit four-point guard, ranked first. In the first time in this season, Jackson had a passage of twice, and the success rate of passing the ball is only 46.4%, and the quarterfielding is only 65.8. In terms of the ball, near-end Mark Andrews proves the importance of their own attacks in the game, but the team’s number one after the team’s number of MARQUISE BROWN has recently been In poor performance, he only completed 10 codes in the last 5 games. Can Jackson enhance the crow to attack the attack?

When I was asked, when I meant to him, Braddy replied: “Why do everyone want me to retire? I have been very happy, the team’s results are very good. I know that I am more than most players. I have been elder, but I really enjoy play. I obviously benefited from the experience of playing here. “In addition, Braddy said that it still puts the attention in the super bowl and not retirement.

The crow is a running guard location in the epidemic. The main running Weava-Engram and the rookie J. K. K.k.dobbins have been diagnosed. This makes the current crow in the crowns only have both Gus Edwards (Gus Edwards) and Justice Hill. This season, the crow is still ranked first, and the averaging is promoted by 160.5 yards, and the average of 4.6 yards per shock is ranked fourth. Throughout the overall defense, the steel man is in the first place, and their mushroom defense can only be considered a midstream, and the field will make the opponent into 103.4 yards. Edwaz completed 16 shots to get 87 yards 1 time in the first convergence of the two teams. Lamar Jackson is also declined by the lamar jackson. The average number of punch propols per time dropped from the 6.9 yards from last season to this season’s 5.6 yards. Can Edwards and Jackson provoke a launch of the squid attack in this game?

9 months agoYang Yuyi season is an extremely prominent member of Ohio State University. Although he was absent from two games due to the punishment of the ban, he still completed 16.5 times, 58 times to the quadrant, 46 times.

Due to the influence of the epidemic, this selection will be carried out in a full virtual manner. All players who participate in the draft are also left in their own home. Yang said that he was very disappointed with this change, because he was looking forward to the experience of being called the name after being called.

Chairman of the Patriot: Tom Braddy has the right to decide when to retireNew England Patriots President Jonathan Kraft said that the quartz Tom Brady will have the right to decide when to decide when accepting cheap nfl Jerseys official website interview.

At present, the second end of the steel man’s deep lineup is Zhu Zhu Smith-Schuster, he is in the rookie season from Martavis Bryant, Martavis Bryant (outside the raid to take over) I grabbed the second chair in my hand. However, the ranking situation after Zhu Zhu is not very clear, Eli Rogers, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Xiu James – Washington has competed Power. If Bryant finally joined the steel man, he maybe it can be a tutor for the alumni.

Although it is not well determined, the steel man is likely to be this mysterious team. Because their number one takes over Antonio Brown recently revealed the meaning of Bryant, hoping to share victory with the other party.

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