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THE WATCH SHOP INC specializes in — ROLEX — service. We can CUSTOMIZE any watch to any degree. You can even contact us to talk about how we can assist with your watch repair desires. All pre-owned watches come with a 1 year warranty. We also repair and restore other fine watches. We hope that you will take a look about our web-site to find out our journey into watchmaking, verify out our place and stop by our on the internet retailer. Our shop is positioned in Birmingham, Alabama, but we can ship parts and any other items for sale worldwide. If you have your watch serviced by us, it will come back to you like new, with a two year warranty. We take orders on our internet site for products shipped anyplace in the U.S. Have you thought about updating your Rolex with a diamond dial or a diamond bezel? We can take your plain-Jane watch and, with only a few modifications to the dial and/or bezel, you will have a modern, a single of a sort function of art. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 500. Please get in touch with for international orders and for orders over $500. No have to have to acquire a new watch when we can make your watch much better than new. We also supply utilised OEM bands and new aftermarket bands. Dial refinishing is 1 of our Special services.

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Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes has returned serve in his war of words with tennis WAG Vanessa Sierra. He had announced their ‘split’ on 2Day FM on Monday, only for her to accuse him of spreading ‘fake news’ and making use of ‘off-the-record’ quotes. The radio host, 50, insists he never ever betrayed the OnlyFans star’s self-assurance when he claimed she had ‘broken up’ with former globe No. 17 Bernard Tomic. I didn’t break her confidence,’ he mentioned, defending his journalistic integrity. Hughesy did confirm he and the Enjoy Island star had exchanged messages on Instagram about her ‘split’ with Tomic. And in the most up-to-date chapter of the saga on Tuesday, Hughesy told Fifi, Fev and Nick he hadn’t repeated something on air that Vanessa, 25, said was ‘off the record’. She stated “can we preserve this private?” but I’d already teased on air that I was messaging her,’ he added. Feud: Hughesy, 50, insists he never ever betrayed Vanessa’s (pictured) self-confidence when he claimed she had ‘broken up’ with former planet No. 17 Bernard Tomic.

Absolutely everyone has owned at least 1 watch in their life. Even though the handy readout on the front of a cell phone has relegated watches to the back of some people’s underwear drawers, they will have absolutely worn a Timex or a family members heirloom on their wrist at some point. Whatever the case may well be watches are nevertheless, and generally will be, in style. Even with a handy digital readout showing the time, cell phones haven’t been able to take watches off a man’s wrist. As extended as cell phones have been about, watches remain as popular as ever. And lest we who are old enough forget the Swatch that we wore back in the 80’s or the low-priced piece of plastic that by no means kept right time that we pulled from the bottom of a kid’s fastfood meal. The reality is that watches are stylish and make a statement about you.

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