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In addition, the center of WESTON RICHBURG Torn tear tears will be reimbursed. This is undoubtedly a big fight against 49 people who rely on the rush ball and the fake run. Richberg career is playing 79 games, and 78 were first, his ability was in the forefront. Ben Garland is expected to play with him.

3 years agoThe team coach Dan Quinn said on Friday, he also said that the best offensive player of the team needs to run full speed before the game to test your injured toes. At present, 7 wins and 5 losses are close to you need to win in a weekly game, they will face 4 wins and 8 loses of Los Angeles rams in the next game.

In the interview, Sodell is very excited about this reachable expression. He frankly, he had already remembered the specific situation: “We decided to implement this tact at the time when we gather, I said to yourself: & lsquo; The tactics are great, I can do it. & Rsquo; then I think about: I have to pick up the ball, hug it, can’t fall. My horizons have blind spots after completing the ball, so I just simply forward, Never brake. This is all I remember, and I have recalling what happened. “

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporters, Richard Sherman suffered a twin injured, which may be missed for several weeks. He was injured in Michael Thomas. The lack of this old leadership is a bit confusing, so that Ted Ginn has completed 25 yards to pick up, and the saints will reach this.

Although they may not need all people to defeat the fashionable ram, the Falcon hopes that the league is the hardest-defensive external connector to play. Although the toes injured in the game competition, Jones took the 113 yards 7 times.

Pirates cut off Hagrifs this week, and he was replaced by “lack of advancement” in the last Sunday competition. In the past three years, Hagrifs has only completed two copying, but one of them came from this season.

During the university, Sodell once served as close-end. He has exaggerated in an interview that the Patriot has practiced a whole year for this tactics, and said that he expects to get a chance to reach again. For opponents, if you want to prevent such a 6-foot 8 inch, 320 pounds of the homonomer, it is impossible to complete the task.

Even so, Jones has always performed well this season. He ranked first in the number of bulls (1253 yards) and 20 yards (24 times). Even if he is unable to make a full force, he should be able to deal with the ram defense group.

Griffin II believes that Texas should call him

Before Deshaun Watson, Houston Texas looked like a team that has been playoff, and the Savage Tom Savage has used the past two games. I can’t lead this team.

Patriots talked to the array: I can’t remember the specific situation

In the game with the Indianapolis, the new England patriot has completed a total of 6 times. One of the most impressive times, perhaps from the offensive cutter, Nate Solder. He pushed 16 yards and got the first time of career.

Telling people who don’t know, toes injury caused by turbulent reasons will usually make the players at least one week. As an external hand, actually, Jones, to endure the strap, accelerate and stop in each offense to change, accelerate, and emerges & mdash; & mdash; for a team who hopes to play in the season’s surplus competition is not ideal. Condition. Seeing Quintu is not very surprising.

In the second section, the two sides of the two sides did not penetrate the pressure on each other’s quadrant, the biggest episode is the Wikiki’s entry of Stive-Digs and packaging workers. . In the half-seat, Yijing began to advance, and the two consecutive 10 yards or more passed directly came to the position of the first 26 yards of the Green Bay end zone. However, push the ball into the packaging worker red area, and Viking can no longer find the opportunity to arrive at the array, can only be 3 points from the player. At the end of the half, adv101.Com Viking is 6 to 3, which is a little leading in the National North championship battle.

At the beginning of the second half, Peterson showed the rule in the first round of the Viking. The last three-speed attack in this wheel is completed by Piteson. This star running is not expensive, and it has been promoted three consecutive times to help Viking to complete the first time. In the third quarter, 5 minutes and 02 seconds, Viking people quad-Budi-Brigate is very popular after being shredded in the four-dimensional protection network, choose the left hand passed the ball to be packaged by the Hyde cut. Viking challenges the unregistered, and the attack and defense will be converted. The dramatic scene occurred in the offense of the package, Rogers were killed and chose to throw the ball forward, and they were returned to the back of the Weijing defender. The packageman protested the referee did not blow the game, but the referee returned to the recording, he thought that Rogers did not pass the ball, so it was determined that the attack was valid.

The first package is kicking Viking first attack. The first two sides have an attack and defense, and some codes have been promoted, but they cannot find a good way to solve problems in the opponent’s red area. Both sides are intermittent. In the end, the first section ends, the wrapper owner and the Viking 3 is 3 to 3.

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