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In the case of the last game this season, Bill’s record is 7 wins and 8 losses, and the team still looks forward to defeating New York jet to get the five-year winning rate. It is worth mentioning that Bill I expected Ryan to build the team into the top defense team of the league, and hit the playoffs. But the reality is Bill’s defensive and retreat, which makes the fans even more than the performance of the team.

Bill confirmed that coach and head coach will stayRex Ryan’s first season in Buffalo did not achieve the success of the imagination, but the team is still willing to give him more opportunities. Wednesday, Bill officially announced that the Doug Whaley will stay in next season.

Chicago bears sign a play kick, Cairo – SantosThe player position is almost fast into the dream of the bear. After the 2016 season, after Robbie Gould, they changed another player, but I couldn’t find a player who could deliver every shooter.

Witten will be 36 years old next week. The first 16 game last season, but the output is a decline. He completed 63 battles last season, pushed 560 yards, and the ball code 8.9 is the minimum data since the never of the neighborhood of denim.

Galley only got 451 yards in the first half of the season, than 204 yards in the same period than just 12 games last season. Galley’s evaluation of each mushroom code (3.09 yard) is ranked 40 in 42 statistical runners, the first contact, the average propulsion code (1.44 yards) is ranked 41st.

Compared to defense, Ryan made a correct choice at the offensive end. Bill abandoned the first round of the first round of EJ Manuel (Tyrod Taylor) was significant. Next season, Ryan and his Bill will face greater challenges. If you want to continue to stay here, the team needs to break through.

Eagle four-point Wei Karson-Wenz and coach relationship plan for tradingAccording to informed people, the Philadelphia Wentz, who lost the first position last month, was still planned to be deal in the offset period, because he and the coach Doug-Pederson The relationship has been broken, it is difficult to repair.

Witten It is scheduled to resolve the ESPN Monday Night Map. But he recently received a contract of other media. Cowboologist Jason Galrett is also trying to persuade Witten Teng. Jerry Jones also said that Witten left, Jones is likely to compete with the contract with the contract.

Ram Run Guelley Restoration Training will play the next gameLos Angeles race, Todd Gurley, participated in complete training on Friday, although the team officially launched him as unable to determine whether it was arbitrarily, he was still thinking in the game against New York jet. .

In the past three games, Grley, who had completed 41 games, said that they need to keep patience and don’t do too much. “Even if there is no navigation, it is still able to follow tactics without doing tactics.”

The performance of Wenz this season is the worst career. Although he only played 12 games, he had 15 passes to be copied, and the column of the league is first. In addition, Wenz this season was killed 50 times, the most alliance, the success rate of passing the ball is only 57.4%, and the Rank League 35.

It is reported that the Haiying team will increase $ 1 million in wages to Lynch in the new season. The Hawble is not a preparation, and the 1 million dollars of the salary increase is a bonus of the incentive. If Linqi can appear in the big list of the team and can run more than 1500 yards in the season, he can fully Get the $ 100 bonus. In addition, the Hawow is committed to further retaining Linchi, which will promise to send him an extra $ 500,000 bonus after the end of the season. That is, if Lynch can maintain a high level of competitive state and hit the season in the season, he will reach $ 6.5 million this season.

Pederson is expected to stay, but he will meet with the team boss Jeffrey Lurie on Tuesday, discussing the team’s performance in this season, possibly coaching team adjustment, and solving the position of the quadrant plan.

Linqi is one of the best players in the Haiying team in recent years. In the three seasons for the team’s effectiveness, he ran 4051 yards for the team, and got 39 reaches, which is the team offensive. Important means. The team’s main four-point guards Wilson’s words of Linqi Wilson have a very important thing to have a full star running like Linqi. His ball business is high, he is always able Help the team with the most appropriate way. Last season, Linqi’s total proposal code is only 5 yards less than Wiki Run Frieterson, and he is second, and his score capacity in red zone. The whole alliance is the highest, he got 12 reacons for the team.

Although Lynch has not yet been clearly expressed in the new season to stay in the sea eagle, he can return to the training camp is already a good signal. The 28-year-old Linqi is in the peak of his career, and Cheap nfl jerseys from china he believes that he can continue to provide high quality ground attack for the Hawks.

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