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Texas people lose 4 points, Fitz Patrick season reimbursementThe Houston Texas Trial Square Wean Fitzpatrick lost the left leg injury in the second festival of the Indiana Pony on Sunday. Nfl Jerseys Media Insider, Ian RapoPort, according to team news, Fitz Patrick’s leg, thus reimbursed season.

If the Patriot continues to stay in Browna in the team, he will cause a wage in the wage in the next season to have an impact of about $ 4.8 million. The present patriot is in the eyes of Darrelle Revis, and every penny must be used in the eyes of the team. As the patriots have just announced high-paying safety sanctuary – McCin McCourty, it is not affluent to leave the patriot. If you want to keep this champion level, you must have a sacrifice.

Patriot hopes that Brownner can accept salaryNew England Patriot Corner Velanden – Brandon Browner’s future aversion, although he won the super bowl along with the team, he also credited his promise when he joined him, proved his own. Value, but the team still dissatisfied with his contract. According to reports, Patriots hope that Browna can accept salary, because the team is unwilling to pay $ 2 million in lineup in the next season.

Watt said: “There is really small there, but I only have to train after the end of the season. I like it. There is no media, no one is bothering, this is great.” This season Watt once again broke out again, in the attack and defense Both ends create a number of records. The 25-year-old defensive end is the popular candidate for the most valuable players and the best defensive players this season.

Browna’s physical quality and body have made him attaches sufficient attention from patriot that the team often arranges him with opponent’s near-ends or high outside. On the other hand, Brona played fierce, straightforward, which also increasses a lot of unnecessary fouls for him. As several big corners in the free market have found the next home, the team must weigh the contract between Brownner’s contractual issues.

Brandon – Marshall explains how to help BeckhamWhen the New York Giator signed Brandon Marshall, we know that the giant’s external firepower is more powerful, but the premise is that these external connections must be united.

Watt is in the rest of the training periodBefore the start of the season, J.J. Watt revealed that he borrowed his entire summer. In order to be able to capture time training, he often sleeps in the kitchen. This offset season, Watt prepares to change their own plans. Recently, he revealed in an interview with Houston media. He has purchased a wooden house built by logs in a place, and he will be trained there.

Xiu Tom Savage replaced him and completed his career for the first time. He completed the transfer of De Andrews after the pressure of the opponent’s compression, he was completed by DEANDRE HOPKINS. ball. But then he handed a ball that was killed and the ball transition was caused by the communication between the two people due to the communication between the two. In the end, Saviqi has completed 10 times, and the 127 yards were not reached and did not be copied.

Watte explained to the reporter why you did this: “I will spend the entire offset period here. I am such a person, this is very suitable for me. My friend said this. He told me to find a The wooden house. I plan to build a gym that as soon as possible. “

At the end of a baseball career, he returned to the NFL. He served from offseason for the Denver Broncos to start a part-time scout, then worked on a total of 24 different positions in the team, he held the positions include assistant ticket manager, director of scouting, pro personnel director and assistant general manager.

In the 1970s, Hadi single-handedly built the Mustang’s famous “Orange rolling” defense group. This defensive group to help the Broncos into the Super Bowl for the first time in 1977. In addition, pre-retirement, Hardy has also helped to build the Broncos reached the Super Bowl in 1986 and 1987 lineup.

Marshall’s career is more than 9 years, and his 12 seasons are full of volunteers. Obviously he can bring stable and leader temperament for the giant’s locker, which is something that Beckham is in the future.

In the game, the right shoulder of the Philadelphia eagle is seriously injured. According to sources, further examination confirmed the initial examination results. His injury is slightly sprained by the shoulder lock. However, according to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, despite the injury being considered slightly, it is not an inconquisunus for UNB.

However, the results of Koba’s inspection allow the package that will not lack the best two external hands in the first game against Chicago. In the second episode, their number one exterior Hand Yidi Nielsen knee is torn, and the season reimbursement. Kobo is considered to take over the number of the number one of the packaging workers in Nelson.

Denver Broncos legend Carroll – Hardy died at the age of 87 yearsIn the 1970s to build the Denver Broncos’ orange rolling “Carol defense group – Hardy (Carroll Hardy) died at the age of 87 years old. According to the University of Colorado, he said the cause of death of Hardy dementia is caused by complications.

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