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According to Seattle reporters, the Hawks have recently signed Terence Garvin, and members of the Western Virginia Large Defensive Group (Haiying line Weilis – European [Bruce Irvin] front teammate). Galvin has spent the 2016 season in Washington, before he stayed in the steel man for three years.

cheap nfl Jerseys from china NetWork Dictionary Analyst Review: “He is very amazing in the midfield. The black Leopard coach Matt Lu (Matt Rhule) is very valued, and people who can touch the ball. & Hellip; & hellip; in the current Location is a very valuable choice. “

However, there is still no solution, including whether the raid can reach a stadium construction agreement with the Las Vegas Casino Board Shelton Adelson. The original plan is an Adeerson family contributes $ 650 million, and the raid person spends $ 500 million, and local tax is raised by $ 750 million.

NFL official reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Patriots defended Duan Feng Jia Bar-Sheld (Jabaal Sheard) Due to its own performance, there was no team to San Francisco and won’t play the next game of 49 people in San Francisco.

As regards the remaining team boss support, it is said that the informed of the raid will be progressing, which is less than the imagination. Although it is impossible to estimate how much support can be obtained, everything is developing in a good direction.

On Friday night, Sheldon released a photo of the Celtic game in Boston at the Boston at the time of its instagram, and the flight of the patriots went to the San Francisco. The current news confirmed because of this photo.

Robinson is the only NCAA player who chooses to join XFL. He has before the academic behavior is not close to the University of West Virginia, and the St. Louis Battle Eagle will continue to hood skills. He completed two copies of the team, and he also selected the best lineup of the alliance.

Bush has completed more than 1000 yards of sports in 2 seasons. The Saims, 2014-2015, Bush spent 16 people in the Detroum Lion and San Francisco, a total of 16 games, last season in St. Lusiis ram because of injury. Chance.

Mark Davis Mark Davis has disclosed that even if the team can be relocated, he still plans to play in Auckland when it is still built in the next few season stadiums. After that, if the team boss passes, the raid will move to Las Vegas.

Sheldo took 3.5 times, ranking second in the team and ranked 8 games in this season, but since he has obtained 2 cockroaches since the sixth week. The Sherrd, which will become a free player after the end of this season, is still listed as the first defensive end of the team informal lineup, but Treflowers may fill his in the next game. Location; Flars won 4 times in the past two games, and is currently the largest player in the team.

The absence of Shelder is the latest one of the privacy of Chandler Jones for the patriots defensive front line and the line guard position. Patriot will have potential in the offset period, but expensive passed shock hand Chendler-Jones trading to Arizona, then in the season, patriots will not control the line-Collins, Jamie Collins To Cleveland Brown. These changes have created a good or bad, and the patriot bad ball shock is the culprit they have in the convulsions of the Seattle Hawks in the game.

The reason why Bill will sign Bush is because the team’s second grade trunks trunks to Karlos Williams, because the violation of the ban will encounter a ban, Williams does not appear in the team’s big list. inside.

[Heavy Message] Justin Ting Black confirmed to participate in the super bowl of midfield Official news was confirmed today, and the popular superstar Justin Tin Black will lead the 52nd super bowl of midfield.

It is difficult to believe that Bush will have a very bright performance. The Hesmann winner in 2006 has been unsatisfactory since entering NFL, his best season is in New Orleans Saints, in Xiao He Pen Peyton’s tactical system he acts as more external tasks.

This will be the stage of Ting Black’s third time to board the super bowl of midfield, and he has also become the most artist who participates in the superb bowl. He has previously been performing a guest in the 35th and 38th Super Bowl.

The raid person should officially submit a document in the next few days, which will bring a new city to the NFL layout. The raid people need to get 24 team bosses to successfully get a relocation license. Voting will be held this spring.

According to informed people, the Auckland raids will be submitted to the documentation from Auckland to Las Vegas. After a year of planning, debate and bold action, the raids who have endured many years of state in the stadium have made a firm choice for their future.

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