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General Manager John Elway announced that the team has renewed with Mc. This contract is 3 years, worth 112.54 million US dollars, including $ 6 million of guaranteed income. This makes him become the fourth high of the union salary.

Yingman’s last season has been in full swing in lightning, complete 58 battles, get 810 yards, 4 times. In the 3 seasons, Yingman played 37 games, starting 23 games, completing 105 battles, get 1454 yards and 7 reaches.

For Manze Er, this is the end of another disappointing season seed unsatisfactory manner. He passes 223 129 successes 7 touchdowns in the season passes steals 5, made blunt ball 230 yards. This season played 10 times, including six starts (8-4 2).

The pirates have collapsed in the last month, and their four-winning battle has made them a team of the first session of the country in China. In the end, Smith gave the team to the team to leave 8 wins and 24 negative records in two seasons of the coaching pirate.

Pirate Joel Glazer, Joel Glazer, issued a statement on Wednesday, announced that Smith: “After careful consideration, we inform Luovo we have decided to make changes. I want to thank Lovei’s hard work during coaching. During the team. This decision is very difficult to come in many levels. I am very disappointed that we have no more success in the past few seasons, but we will be committed to doing the championship that can bring the fans. It is necessary to work in the future, Jason LichTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheW

Only one month ago, the pirate fans also thought that Smith became a black horse in the competition of the NFL annual coaches. Under the leadership of Xiuzi Winston, Smith makes the pirates in the competition of 6 wins and 6.

Seattle Hawks and Green Bay Packaging Well
One is the old team, has a long history, one is the last super bowl of championship, unstoppable, two Jinqiang strong confrontation, will open a battle in the NFL regular season this year. Throughout the two teams in the past ten years, click the next web site Green Bay packaging team’s winners is more than the Seattle Hawks, but in recent years, the Huagi team has been continuously upgraded. This year’s war is still a big suspense.

Last season, the Green Bay packaging home is not enemy. The two teams are fouled frequently, and the grasp of the offensive rhythm is very irrational. This season’s unveiled battle, the two teams will fight again, Rogers lead the package and Wilson’s Hawks, it is the old bodcastland or the defending champion will be more winning? let us wait and see.

Since the current pirate attack shows a lot of potential, they are considered to make Winston from the beginning of a new offensive system, plus the team offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to receive other balls The team is sought after, which makes people feel confused. Lost may make Racht to make this decision.

From 1976 to 1981, the Hawks and packaging workers have been handed over 3 times, and 3 times are wins. In 1984, the Seattle Hawk, which has been ranked in the NFL strong team, has entered the home of the package, and win the first victory of the two teams at 30:24. Since then, the Haiying has won two games in 1987 and 1990, and the winning rate of the two teams is refreshed to 3: 3. In 1998, the packaging workers defeated the Seattle Hawks at 31:10 under the leadership of Mike Holmgren, and advanced into the super bowl. After this service, the head coach Mike Himglen left the green bay packaging, and turned to the Seattle Hawk. The following year, that is, the 1999 season, Haiying 27: 7 away from the package. In 2003, the two teams played again as the National Federation team. This time, the packaging worker mastered the initiative to repeat the sea, and defeated the Hawks at 35:13. In 2005, due to the main force of the Hawks, the package workers easily defeated the Hawks. This year, everyone considered to be Favre’s last year, and he played more than two seasons. In the 2006 season, in a game of Blizzard, the package worker 24:34 is not enemy. Run Ween Alexander Run 200 yards, Falf and Matt Hasselbeck teamed up to create 6 copy. In 2008, Rogers was first played in the first place of 27:17, and the season was more compressed by 48:10.

B.J. Raji hopes to come back from the two-headed muscular tear injury from last season, and this defensive tidy with excellent talents reported to the Green Bay packaging training camp, his weight is 327 pounds.

Mc. McMarus tried 82 arbitrage shoots in 3 years for wild horses, completed 68 times, of which the movie reached 57 yards. He also tried 110 times to attach a shot, complete 108 times. Last season, Macmanus was only missed 5 times in 34 arbitrage shoots.

Packaging workers defending Jidifeng Ziji is excited to weight loss
We sometimes forget to give a defense Front player to truly praise due to incredible exercise capabilities. They chased the fastest players in history and quad-shock, and their weight reached 300 pounds (about 136 kg) or heavier when doing these things.