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The contract of the eagle and Jason Pites have been extended

Beijing June 15th, the eagle left, the jason peters said that the sound of the restructuring of the contract is just that the team quickly let him pay. They extended the contract with Pites and will leave this effort to 2019.

After the opening into the game Emirates slowly, then the eye as small Shenyang spring night closed eyes opened, howl ~ go outputs two touchdowns. How you lost it? Shazhao Rams offensive group, in addition to strong outside cover of pavement area outside attack, passing attack in three flexible wide receiver capable of crazy tear each other’s defense, throw off opponents get open. Although outside White took over Cooper – Koop already the season last week, but the Rams took over last month outside a continuous minor injuries sidelined, the team’s fourth wide receiver Josh – Reynolds already proved their strength, although the hand Koop less effort on stability, but also the ability to throw off the opponent is super. By comparison, the Chiefs cornerback group, they have Kendall – Fuller, wholesale Jerseys Orlando – Scandia Derek and Steven – Nelson three slot cornerback born players, their own characteristics close to man-mark for the strength and physical confrontation highs compete for the weak, the best single-season Emirates on anti cornerback Marcus – Peters ram it now. Chiefs cornerback group can restrain itself obviously running Rams, but the Rams the ball too heyday the group status, with routes running across the slant, and Gough fundamental fear towards the ball when opening a small space, so even chiefs stare too closely, but Gough’s pass basically go wherever they want.

In the past five seasons, Allen issued a total of 69 games during the effective eagle, completed 10 copy, this 2010 2-round new show did not reach the eagle expect. Last week, the raid people announced that Tyvon Branch, Allen was expected to make Charles Woodson into a combination of security guards in the new season. In the 2014 season, the passenger’s Pass Defense Level Alliance No. 16, the team hopes to continue to increase in the new season.

Holding a large number of salary spaces frequently shot after the free market, they don’t blindly pursue big-name stars, and determine to find the best players who are best for the team. Relevant persons revealed that the team will continue to recruit talents in the next few days. They hope to build a new lineup that makes the alliance surprised after the election.

“This means a lot, it ensures that I will be retired here, don’t have to turn around in the league. This is what they make sure I will stay here.” Pites said, “I love (boss Jeffery Lurie and this whole organization, there are Philadelphia, as well as those fans & hellip; & hellip; extended contracts just explained that they also love me. “

The raid people announced that the response to the former eagle safety Wei Allen

Philadelphia Eagle has reconstructed a lot of positions in this year’s break, including their defensive second line. According to nfl jerseys official website reporters, the former eagle safety sanner-Allen has found a new east, and he will sign with the Auckland raid. Subsequently, the raid person confirmed this rumor, but did not disclose the content of the contract.

Emmanuel Sanders: “This looks at the wrong sports project.” Gerad McCoy: “This is the money of NBA free players!” De Man Gru Deangelo Williams: “You can call me hate, but I have to check the income of this player, the NBA contract is crafted.”

Lightning Agree Raidanian-Tom Linge enters the management group

Los Angeles Lightning recently announced news, the team and Ladan Tomlinson of the team and the Ladanian Tomlinson will become a member of the management group.

40 to 30, the Rams with 10 points advantage into the fourth quarter, should be stable, right? But the game scene point of view, they are all-round behind the chief. Ram’s horn guard Sam – Shields let slip Hill again quickly recover touchdowns, came to the Rams offensive pressure group, whether they could chase points momentum Chiefs scored their extension of it? The answer is very difficult! After the Rams offensive group to abandon the road when attacking, passing attack more and more routine single, group chiefs rushed to pass – Chris Jones and Justin – Houston led, continue to create pressure, damage passing rhythm Gough and manufacturing Rams offensive foul the front. When Houston had lost the Rams offensive front line leaders in this field many times fouls the left tackle Andrew – Andrew Whitworth complete copy ball sack, just over the fourth quarter less than four minutes, Chiefs filled the gap, actually still ahead.

The next game the two sides exchange that appears to be, but can easily rely on chiefs here totipotent Kelsey find the complete advantage of the pass; lost road Rams offense to rely on a long pass piecemeal Gough, the score is hardships, should not copy the ball twice after Donald sack have caused Rams touchdown, the chief should lead to double-digit advantage.

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